1G4 Grand Canyon West Airport (350 acres) Peach Springs, AZ Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KIGM] 44 S ; [KBVU] 51 W ; [KLSV] 61 W ; [KIFP] 62 SW ;(ave. distance: 55 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 0 Operations & ATC: … Continue reading

Air Tour Accidents at and around Grand Canyon

The following list shows Grand Canyon air tour accidents since 1980, as well as incidents involving operators who offer air tours around Grand Canyon. All dates are linked to online reference materials such as news articles and NTSB reports… 5/18/2014: … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents, [2014Q2]

The following table presents a chronology for the second quarter of 2014, showing all known ‘fatal’ U.S. aviation accidents, as well as some non-fatal accidents. Data shows date (weekends are underlined), location, number of fatalities, and a brief synopsis. Click … Continue reading