F70 French Valley Airport (261 acres) Murrieta, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KHMT] 11 NE ; [L18] 15 SW ; [KRIV] 20 N ; [KNFG] 20 SW ;(ave. distance: 17 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 203 (161 single-props, 29 multi-props, 3 … Continue reading

CALIFORNIA: Airport Data & Links

Two pages … click on the links for Part One or Part Two: California Airports, #1 thru #50: KLAX thru KPMD California Airports, #51 thru #78: KVCV thru KNUQ KLAX Los Angeles International Airport (3,500 acres) Los Angeles, CA Four … Continue reading

UPDATE 2012Q4: Articles, Blogs, Notes, etc.

Monday, December 31: Happy New Year!! Another quarter has come to an end. The next quarter is at UPDATE 2013Q1. <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>> Saturday, December 29: EMS helicopter crashes, one nurse injured. While diverting to the airport at Big Lake, TX the Bell … Continue reading