KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport (1,200 acres) Nantucket, MA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KCQX] 26 N ; [KMVY] 26 W ; [KHYA] 27 N ; [KFMH] 32 NW ;(ave. distance: 28 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 24 (14 single-props, 10 multi-props) Operations … Continue reading

The Third Head of the NextGen Hydra: How FAA is Jamming Arrivals Closer Together

Three months ago, the ‘Dissecting NextGen’ presentation was made in Des Moines, to help people better understand the impacts of NextGen around Sea-Tac International Airport [KSEA]. Included within that presentation was discussion of ‘Hub Concentration’ and ‘Route Concentration’, as two … Continue reading


pg.1: Data & Charts pg.2: Document Archives IMPACT: Skydiving-Noise updated 9-14-2016 KCQX Chatham Municipal Airport (105 acres) Chatham, MA OPERATIONS: In 2015, averaged 56 ops/day(58% local) BASED AIRCRAFT:32(total) single-prop multi-prop jet helicopter military glider, ultralight, etc. 29 2 0 1 … Continue reading


The Martha’s Vineyard Airport sits on 688-acres, near the center of this 20-mile long island, in southeast Massachusetts. The airport was originally sited and constructed during WWII, as a training base for pilots assigned to aircraft carriers and Pacific islands. … Continue reading

MA – Nantucket Sound

Overview: In far southeastern Massachusetts, a controversial project calls for the construction of 130 wind turbines in Nantucket Sound, between the Island of Nantucket and the south coast of Cape Cod. The project covers 25 square miles and is expected to … Continue reading