Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport opened in 1931, offering seats on flights by American on the route connecting Atlanta and Fort Worth. The airport was handed over for use by the U.S. Army Air Forces for the war effort, and was used … Continue reading

1990 vs 2005 vs 2016 Operations: Exposing FAA’s Inaccurate Forecasts

While doing some online research and archiving of older FAA documents, I ran into a copy of FAA’s 1993 Aviation System Capacity Plan. (click here for an archived copy of the 389-page document). Within this document, Table A-3 offered a … Continue reading

Ten Years Later: FAA’s Pattern of Concealment After the Comair 5191 Crash

Among the greatest lessons learned from this year’s democratic party primary debacle was the complicity of the mainstream media in aiding corrupt party officials. Those leaked DNC Emails – nearly 20,000 emails total! – showed an incredible level of collusion between … Continue reading


KEKY Bessemer Airport (380 acres) Bessemer, AL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KEET] 11 SE ; [KBHM] 17 NE ; [0A8] 24 S ; [02A] 32 SE ;(ave. distance: 21 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 96 (73 single-props, 14 multi-props) (4 jets, … Continue reading


This page offers a quick compilation of short news items, reference links, and potential article leads. Five color-codes are used to mark the date: Airports, ATC, Environment, Whistleblowers, & Other. 4/4/2014 NTRA Still Waiting On Response From FAA On Control … Continue reading