The airport at Bellingham rests in a remote area far north of Seattle. The local residents appreciate being away from urban clamor. So, when Allegiant Air started scheduled air service using older, noisier MD80 jets, it created a backlash. Subsidies … Continue reading


Orcas Island is at the heart of the San Juan Islands, and lies midway between Bellingham and Victoria. It is noted for bucolic fields, refreshing forests, and a suspension of time as can be found only on remote islands. Orcas … Continue reading


KBVS Skagit Regional Airport (1,835 acres) Burlington/Mount Vernon, WA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KNUW] 12 SW ; [KOKH] 17 SW ; [KBLI] 20 N ; [KAWO] 21 SE ;(ave. distance: 18 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 121 (103 single-props, 10 multi-props, … Continue reading

An Overview of the Data presented within the aiREFORM.com State Airports Lists

In early 2013, during the first round of FAA/ATC sequestration threats, the entire Public (both individuals and the media) was left scrambling, trying to figure out which airports might be impacted. FAA and NATCA were preaching doom and gloom, but the Public questions produced … Continue reading

Allegiant’s MD80’s: ancient, noisy, … and a maintenance mess?

On Friday, September 20th, Allegiant Travel Co canceled 18 of its 121 scheduled flights. The action was taken when FAA discovered that the airline had failed to follow a 2007 directive increasing the frequency for inspections of the four inflatable … Continue reading

UPDATE 2012Q4: Articles, Blogs, Notes, etc.

Monday, December 31: Happy New Year!! Another quarter has come to an end. The next quarter is at UPDATE 2013Q1. <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>> Saturday, December 29: EMS helicopter crashes, one nurse injured. While diverting to the airport at Big Lake, TX the Bell … Continue reading