KDAY James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (4,200 acres) Vandalia, OH Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [3I7] 8 W ; [KCLE] 9 SE ; [I17] 16 N ; [I19] 16 SE ;(ave. distance: 12 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 31 (17 single-props, … Continue reading

1990 vs 2005 vs 2016 Operations: Exposing FAA’s Inaccurate Forecasts

While doing some online research and archiving of older FAA documents, I ran into a copy of FAA’s 1993 Aviation System Capacity Plan. (click here for an archived copy of the 389-page document). Within this document, Table A-3 offered a … Continue reading

New Global Group Opposes ‘Aerotropolis Schemes’

Anyone who has been employed in aviation or studied aviation history knows that airports, airlines and manufacturers rely heavily on political support and governmental subsidy. In fact, a whole new industry has developed in recent decades to feed this relationship. Just like … Continue reading


Rogers Municipal Airport in northwest Arkansas sits on 460-acres and is the home of the aviation fleet for Wal-Mart, whose corporate headquarters are in nearby Bentonville. Thus, the airport is used extensively by Wal-Mart officials, as well as by vendors … Continue reading

Helicopters: the Wrong Way to see Grand Canyon

Five days ago, a pilot employed by Papillon was killed when his/her helicopter rolled over while being repositioned on the floor of Grand Canyon. [article] The air tour passengers had already been off-loaded, so none of them were injured when the fatal … Continue reading