KDTO Denton Municipal Airport (750 acres) Denton, TX Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KAFW] 14 SW ; [KLUD] 19 W ; [KDFW] 20 SE ; [KADS] 23 SE ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 390 (282 single-props, 60 multi-props, 2 … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Three Serious Accidents in Texas, all Related to the Same Frontal Passage

On the evening of February 4th, three separate small aircraft crashed and were destroyed in Texas. Two accidents killed the sole pilots; the third accident had four adults aboard and nobody died. At all three locations (Lubbock, Argyle, and Andrews) … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents, [2015Q1]

The following table presents a chronology for the first quarter of 2015, showing all known ‘fatal’ U.S. civil aviation accidents, as well as a few selected non-fatal accidents and incidents. Data shows date (weekends are underlined), location, number of fatalities, and a … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents 2015: further details

Click here to view the full list of Accidents & Incidents for the current quarter 12/23/2015: Telluride, CO 12/22/2015: Castro Valley, CA 12/19/2015: Bakersfield, CA 12/17/2015: Madison, FL 11/23/2015: NW of Santa Monica, CA 10/26/2015: Ocean Springs, MS 10/14/2015: Hammond, … Continue reading


KAFW Fort Worth Alliance Airport (1,198 acres) Fort Worth, TX Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KFTW] 10 S ; [KDTO] 14 NE ; [KNFW] 14 SW ; [KDFW] 15 E ;(ave. distance: 13 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 29 (2 single-props, 6 … Continue reading


52F Northwest Regional Airport (81 acres) Roanoke, TX Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KAFW] 6 SW ; [KDTO] 9 N ; [KDFW] 13 SE ; [KFTW] 15 SW ;(ave. distance: 11 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 616 (550 single-props, 62 multi-props) (4 … Continue reading