KEYE Eagle Creek Airpark (315 acres) Indianapolis, IN Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KIND] 7 S ; [8A4] 8 SE ; [2R2] 10 SW ; [KTYQ] 12 N ;(ave. distance: 9 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 127 (100 single-props, 20 multi-props) (5 … Continue reading

The Fraudulent ‘Greener Skies’ Salespitch at Seattle

A recent pair of articles by Dominic Gates, at the Seattle Times, draws attention once again to the collaborated fraud known as ‘Greener Skies’. Fraud is not too strong a word. Both FAA and Port of Seattle (POS) knew that … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents, [2016Q1]

The following table presents a chronology for the first quarter of 2016, showing all known ‘fatal’ U.S. civil aviation accidents, as well as a few selected non-fatal accidents and incidents. Data shows date (weekends are underlined), location, number of fatalities, … Continue reading


KIND Indianapolis International Airport (7,700 acres) Indianapolis, IN Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [8A4] 7 NE ; [KEYE] 7 N ; [2R2] 9 W ; [KHFY] 11 SE ;(ave. distance: 9 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 49 (9 single-props, 12 multi-props) (25 … Continue reading

Hey, FAA, Get Out of the Way … Let the Drones Fly

1958 was a very important year in U.S. aviation, when today’s FAA really took form, as the sole federal authority regulating U.S. civil aviation. That was 56 years ago. Now, as happens too often, this ‘agency’ has evolved into an over-matured bureaucracy: … Continue reading

FAA History: 1961

FAA History (main page) Monday, January 9, 1961:The Federal Aviation Agency released a report on the commercial supersonic transport (SST), prepared by FAA with the assistance of DOD and NASA. The report concluded that a Mach 3 (2,000 m.p.h.) transport … Continue reading