KFLG Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (795 acres) Flagstaff, AZ Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSEZ] 18 S ; [40G] 39 NW ; [KINW] 47 E ; [KPRC] 47 SW ;(ave. distance: 38 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 134 (113 single-props, 15 multi-props) (5 … Continue reading


Grand Canyon is universally revered as a great natural wonder. But, since the mid-1960’s, the use of helicopters for air tourism has substantially diminished the quality of the Grand Canyon experience. The primary aviation impact is Noise produced by loud … Continue reading


KSEZ Sedona Airport (220 acres) Sedona, AZ Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KFLG] 18 N ; [KPRC] 33 W ; [KPAN] 42 SE ; [40G] 51 N ;(ave. distance: 36 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 76 (64 single-props, 7 multi-props) (1 jet, … Continue reading

AD 2014-03-03 adopted by FAA (icing hazards on Cessna light twins)

Earlier this week, FAA announced adoption of a new airworthiness directive [AD 2014-03-03] aimed at Cessna’s light twin engine aircraft. This is a new fix to an old problem, as most of these aircraft models were built more than thirty years ago. … Continue reading


KPRC Ernest Love Field (760 acres) Prescott, AZ Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSEZ] 33 E ; [KFLG] 47 NE ; [KPAN] 59 SE ; [KDVT] 60 S ;(ave. distance: 50 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 231 (208 single-props, 16 multi-props, 1 … Continue reading