KFUL Fullerton Municipal Airport (86 acres) Fullerton, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSLI] 6 SW ; [KLGB] 9 W ; [KSNA] 13 SE ; [KEMT] 13 N ;(ave. distance: 10 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 270 (237 single-props, 19 multi-props) (14 … Continue reading

Earthen EMAS: How to Make the Most of the KSMO Consent Decree

What is going on in Santa Monica? Is the City honoring the will of the people who rejected massive campaigning by aviation lobbyists, and resoundingly approved Measure LC back in 2014? Or, is the City pulling a fast one on … Continue reading

Wall Street Journal Passing On FAA’s ‘Fake News’ About NextGen

FAA and other industry players have been using some incredibly phony sales pitches for well over a decade now, in their coordinated effort to sell NextGen as ‘transformational’. One of those false pitch points is the claim that NextGen will … Continue reading

‘NextGen Fixes’ Tend to be Slow, and Tend to Serve to Advance the Propaganda

Thankfully, some progress has been seen for the [NextGen impact case] at [KSFO], but the repetitive noise impact problems persist nationwide, and in fact, appear to be worsening. In almost all cases, the rare ‘NextGen-fixes’ have three key elements: the … Continue reading

[KSMO]: Are FAA Attorneys Bluffing on their ‘Cease & Desist Order’?

The fight in Santa Monica continues to heat up. City officials have labored for nearly four decades, and patiently endured one FAA delay tactic after another, in their quest to assert local control so they can best manage their local … Continue reading

The Impacts of Repetitive Airport Noise: One Man’s Story from Near UK’s Heathrow

Here’s a copy of a Post blogged today by HACAN Clearskies, related to impacts near the London Heathrow Airport. This story is one man’s anonymous experiences. He first believed he would never be bothered by airplane noise, but the persistence … Continue reading

Today is Tax Day…

…and millions are suffering from the same lobbyist-controlled mess that creates excessive noise and other aviation impacts. Here’s a comparison: My 2016 Tax Experience I have always done my own taxes, using paper forms. My taxes are simple, and yet … Continue reading

A Retired Pilot Shares His Thoughts about Labor Day 2015

In late 2014, George Jehn, a retired Eastern Airlines (and later US Airways) pilot and ALPA union official, published his book, ‘Final Destination: Disaster. What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines’. This book represents an insider’s view of the political and corporate … Continue reading

Wendell Ford’s Edsel: Many of FAA’s NextGen Dirty Tricks were Also Used in the 1990 Passage of ANCA

Here’s an interesting opinion piece done twenty-four years ago, after passage of the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 (also known as ‘ANCA’). It offers lots of valuable insight into how airport impact legislation ends up primarily serving the airlines, … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Three Decades of Aviation Noise Politics May be Bracing for Impact

The news this year has been abuzz with Aviation Noise articles, and it does not appear to be slowing down. Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Judith LaBuda heard closing arguments in a Boulder, CO trial, where impacted residents are seeking … Continue reading