ANALYSIS: The ‘Mogas’ Study at KHIO, by KB Environmental Sciences

This Post offers an analysis of a 59-page study funded by the Port of Portland, to investigate the potential and feasibility to sell unleaded aviation fuel at the Hillsboro Airport [KHIO]. It includes some background on the leaded fuel issue, … Continue reading


In 2013, KHIO passed KPDX to become the busiest airport in Oregon. KHIO has an FAA control tower open daily from 6AM to 10PM. Its operations are primarily flight instruction for students, many of whom are imported from China and … Continue reading

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AZ: Phoenix Skyrocketing complaints due to impacts in the classic NextGen pattern: FAA allows early turns and lower altitudes, claiming the impacts will not be significant … then delays for years fixing the obvious problem. Meanwhile, profits expand for dominant … Continue reading

Hillsboro, Toxic Lead Pollution, and the Next HARE Meeting

During much of the first month of this new year, we have heard news about lead poisoning in the Flint, Michigan water supply. Most recently, we all learned how government workers were provided bottled water to not have to rely … Continue reading

Please Sign This Petition!!

A small group of noise-impacted citizens have worked together to create a petition that is generally aimed at: restoring local control on airport environmental impacts; maximizing aviation transparency (so impacted neighbors can use real data to efficiently resolve aviation noise … Continue reading

Noise Impacts During Construction at Hillsboro Airport

For the past month, Port of Portland has ignored the legal challenge opposing the new parallel runway project, and has been constructing  the FAA-funded runway at Hillsboro. This has forced training helicopters to not use some areas near the center of … Continue reading

Opening Brief Filed in Appeal to Stop Construction of New Parallel Runway at Hillsboro

The red box below presents a copy of the latest Post by Oregon Aviation Watch. It concerns the construction of a new parallel runway at Hillsboro Airport in Oregon [KHIO]. Two facts are driving this unnecessary construction: FAA has free money … Continue reading

After Decades of Delay, Possible Progress to Get the Lead Out of U.S. Aviation Fuel

An FAA Press Release on July 10, 2014 announced that FAA has received nine candidate lead-free fuel formulations to soon be evaluated. This is part of a decades-delayed program to phase out dangerous lead that is still being added to aviation fuels. … Continue reading