KLAN Capital Region International Airport (2,160 acres) Lansing, MI Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [4D0] 6 W ; [KTEW] 15 SE ; [KFPK] 16 SW ; [Y70] 23 NW ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 82 (53 single-props, 21 multi-props) … Continue reading

Here’s an online search worth trying: ‘Lane McFadden FAA’

Do any quick online search using these three words ‘Lane McFadden FAA’ and you will find quite a few links. Most are to articles and court activities related to petitions for review, filed by communities upset with FAA’s impacts and … Continue reading

1990 vs 2005 vs 2016 Operations: Exposing FAA’s Inaccurate Forecasts

While doing some online research and archiving of older FAA documents, I ran into a copy of FAA’s 1993 Aviation System Capacity Plan. (click here for an archived copy of the 389-page document). Within this document, Table A-3 offered a … Continue reading

2016 ATADS Data Posted, Shows U.S. Air Traffic Activity Remains Severely Depressed Overall

FAA has posted the official traffic counts for calendar year 2016, so another analysis can be done to see how much aviation activity has declined in the U.S. This analysis is important as it fully debunks – using FAA’s own … Continue reading

Why The Huge Increase in Departures Over Northeast Queens?

FAA needs to come clean, and tell the truth: Why The Huge Increase in Departures Over Northeast Queens? One of the lead groups advocating for balance between airport commerce and local peace and quiet (and air quality, too!) is Queens … Continue reading

FAA History: 2014

FAA History (main page) Saturday, January 4, 2014:FAA’s new pilot rules (FAR 117) went into effect. Under the new rules, non-cargo pilots must get at least 10 hours of rest between shifts, of which 8 hours must involve uninterrupted sleep. … Continue reading

FAA History: 2013

FAA History (main page) Tuesday, January 1, 2013:The Senate confirmed Michael Huerta as the new FAA Administrator. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood swore him in for a five-year term on January 9. (See March 27, 2012.) Wednesday, January 2, 2013: Garmin … Continue reading