The Quad City airport is actually named after five cities: Davenport and Bettendorf (in Iowa), and Moline, East Moline and Rock Island (in Illinois). Moline is the home of John Deere tractor. The area was formerly a major industrial hub … Continue reading


KDVN Davenport Municipal Airport (764 acres) Davenport, IA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KMLI] 10 S ; [KCWI] 18 NE ; [8C4] 27 W ; [KOQW] 27 N ;(ave. distance: 21 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 119 (87 single-props, 15 multi-props) (4 … Continue reading

The aiREPORT [2013Q3]

…The aiREPORT provides a random collection of links and concise summaries of news articles relevant to the impact of aviation, as compiled each week. It is presented as a research tool and historical record, aimed at identifying trends, while also revealing strategies repeated by … Continue reading

The aiREPORT: [2013Q3, week-9]

…aiREPORT is a weekly collection of notes and links to news items relevant to aviation impacts and FAA reform. It is provided as a research tool… Third Quarter, Week #9: August 25 — August 31, 2013 summary: Top AvNews story: … Continue reading