KNEW Lakefront Airport (473 acres) New Orleans, LA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KMSY] 12 W ; [KNBG] 13 S ; [KASD] 21 NE ; [1L0] 29 W ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 154 (106 single-props, 24 multi-props) (19 … Continue reading

The Fraudulent ‘Greener Skies’ Salespitch at Seattle

A recent pair of articles by Dominic Gates, at the Seattle Times, draws attention once again to the collaborated fraud known as ‘Greener Skies’. Fraud is not too strong a word. Both FAA and Port of Seattle (POS) knew that … Continue reading

FAA/Industry’s Own Data Exposes ‘Greener Skies’ as an Environmental Fraud

This Post looks at data in two online documents, presenting further evidence of the ‘Greener Skies’ fraud that FAA, Port of Seattle, and industry players are foisting on the Public. For all intents and purposes, this is the same fraud … Continue reading

A Very Good Article About KSFO NextGen Impacts, Causing Sleep Loss in Pacifica

The article, by Mike Moffitt, includes an excellent collection of images, and some very sharp reader comments. Here is one spot-on comment by a reader who sees the whole picture on what FAA is REALLY doing with NextGen… QUOTE “…The FAA’s … Continue reading

FAA History: 2013

FAA History (main page) Tuesday, January 1, 2013:The Senate confirmed Michael Huerta as the new FAA Administrator. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood swore him in for a five-year term on January 9. (See March 27, 2012.) Wednesday, January 2, 2013: Garmin … Continue reading

Updated Remarks, by Petition Signers Nationwide

This is an extraordinary collection of comments, well worth studying. Here are some conclusions that are readily apparent: The noise impacts of aviation are EVERYWHERE, and exacerbated by a federal agency (FAA) that is totally indifferent to the impacts … … Continue reading

Interesting Reader Comments Submitted to AOPA’s Blog Post about Santa Monica Airport

One week ago, aviation lobby group AOPA posted an article about the fight for local control of the airport in Santa Monica, CA [KSMO]. Some interesting reader comments came in before the comment period was closed (an apparent 7-day standard … Continue reading

Midair Collision Between a Cirrus and a Helicopter, at the controlled airport in Frederick, MD

Three died when a midair collision happened between a fixed-wing arrival and a helicopter, in the traffic pattern at the controlled airport in Frederick, Maryland [KFDK]. The fixed-wing aircraft was a Cirrus; it had departed in the morning and was just … Continue reading