The primary commercial airport serving the San Antonio area, SAT opened in 1942. Southwest is the dominant carrier, with 35% of all passengers. Airport operations peaked in 1998, and declined 34% by 2012. The total number of enplaned passengers has … Continue reading

FEB 25-27: Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium, at Long Beach, CA

Every year, industry representatives (including FAA and the lobbyists, of course!) meet at around this time, for the ‘Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium’. The event is traditionally held in the Palm Springs area, but is at Long Beach this year. … Continue reading


KSSF Stinson Municipal Airport (360 acres) San Antonio, TX Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSKF] 6 NW ; [KSAT] 12 N ; [KRND] 15 NE ; [KCVB] 20 W ;(ave. distance: 13 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 42 (32 single-props, 5 multi-props) … Continue reading


KBAZ New Braunfels Regional Airport (900 acres) New Braunfels, TX Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KHYI] 15 NE ; [KRND] 16 SW ; [50R] 21 NE ; [KSAT] 25 SW ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 121 (101 single-props, 12 … Continue reading

UPDATE 2013Q1: Articles, Blogs, Notes, etc.

Link to past UPDATE pages: UPDATE 2012Q4 In-the-News…. …Today’s biggest FAA news item (by far) continues to be Harlem Shake … far more significant is a Reuters article assessing the regulatory capture of FAA in the area of aircraft certification … Continue reading