KSDF Louisville International Airport – Standiford Field (1,200 acres) Louisville, KY Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KLOU] 5 NE ; [KJVY] 11 N ; [KFTK] 19 SW ; [KBRY] 24 SE ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 18 (1 single-prop, … Continue reading

Air Cargo is Growing – and Concentrating – at the Most Impactful Airports

A couple months ago, a collection of reference tables was uploaded in an aiREFORM Post. One of those tables was about air cargo, and deserves a closer look. Using FAA’s data, the 107 ‘busiest’ air cargo airports were presented, in … Continue reading

NextGen Abuses at California’s Lake Arrowhead

Click here to read an archived copy of the 12/21/2017 Mountain News article by Heidi Fron (or click here to view the source article), and be sure to read the two ‘open letters’ seeking to fix these NextGen abuses! Both … Continue reading

The Third Head of the NextGen Hydra: How FAA is Jamming Arrivals Closer Together

Three months ago, the ‘Dissecting NextGen’ presentation was made in Des Moines, to help people better understand the impacts of NextGen around Sea-Tac International Airport [KSEA]. Included within that presentation was discussion of ‘Hub Concentration’ and ‘Route Concentration’, as two … Continue reading

[KSMO] Update: City Issues 30-Day Notices for Both Airport FBO’s to Vacate

It has been many decades of hard work, and the end-result may soon be here: closure of this unneeded airport to eliminate health hazards, add parks, and better serve the local community. Airport neighbors are severely impacted, mainly by charter jets … Continue reading


KLOU Bowman Field (426 acres) Louisville, KY Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSDF] 5 SW ; [KJVY] 9 NW ; [KFTK] 24 SW ; [KBRY] 26 S ;(ave. distance: 16 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 193 (159 single-props, 33 multi-props) (1 helicopter) … Continue reading


KJVY Clark Regional Airport (700 acres) Sellersburg, IN Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KLOU] 9 SE ; [KSDF] 11 S ; [KIMS] 27 NE ; [KFTK] 30 S ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 132 (99 single-props, 11 multi-props) (11 … Continue reading