KSJC Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (1,050 acres) San Jose, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KRHV] 6 E ; [KNUQ] 7 NW ; [KPAO] 11 NW ; [KSQL] 18 NW ;(ave. distance: 11 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 123 … Continue reading

1990 vs 2005 vs 2016 Operations: Exposing FAA’s Inaccurate Forecasts

While doing some online research and archiving of older FAA documents, I ran into a copy of FAA’s 1993 Aviation System Capacity Plan. (click here for an archived copy of the 389-page document). Within this document, Table A-3 offered a … Continue reading

MHFC: How FAA’s NextGen Debacle is Impacting Portola Valley

United Airlines dominates the airline hub at [KSFO], and schedules too many arrivals in too little time. Arrivals from the LA Basin cause ATC to bend airplane routes, especially when also working San Jose [KSJC] arrivals from Seattle, Portland, and … Continue reading


IMPACT: Skydiving-Noise (proposed) 8-11-2015 E16 San Martin Airport (179 acres) San Martin, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KWVI] 13 SW ; [KCVH] 14 SE ; [KRHV] 18 NW ; [KSJC] 23 NW ;(ave. distance: 17 nm) Total Based Aircraft:69 (61 … Continue reading

+aiR+ News & Links 2014

24-Nov U.S. domestic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2013 (Michelle Durand, San Mateo Daily Journal) – ENV- 24-Nov FAA signs off on solar project at Malone airport (EJ Conzola II, watertowndailytimes.com) KART – ENV- 23-Nov Man arrested after sneaking onto tarmac … Continue reading

CALIFORNIA (part-2): Airport Data & Links

Two pages … click on the links for Part One or Part Two: California Airports, #1 thru #50: KLAX thru KPMD California Airports, #51 thru #78: KVCV thru KNUQ KVCV Southern California Logistics Airport (2,300 acres) Victorville, CA Four Nearby … Continue reading


KNUQ Moffett Federal Airfield (acreage not specified) Mountain View, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KPAO] 4 NW ; [KSJC] 7 SE ; [KSQL] 11 NW ; [KRHV] 12 SE ;(ave. distance: 9 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 50 (10 single-props, 25 … Continue reading