KTOA Zamperini Field (506 acres) Torrance, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KHHR] 7 N ; [KLAX] 9 N ; [KLGB] 9 E ; [KSMO] 14 NW ;(ave. distance: 10 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 2 (2 gliders & ultralights) Operations & … Continue reading

FEB 25-27: Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium, at Long Beach, CA

Every year, industry representatives (including FAA and the lobbyists, of course!) meet at around this time, for the ‘Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium’. The event is traditionally held in the Palm Springs area, but is at Long Beach this year. … Continue reading

Interesting Reader Comments Submitted to AOPA’s Blog Post about Santa Monica Airport

One week ago, aviation lobby group AOPA posted an article about the fight for local control of the airport in Santa Monica, CA [KSMO]. Some interesting reader comments came in before the comment period was closed (an apparent 7-day standard … Continue reading


8-9-2015 KCPM Compton/Woodley Airport (77 acres) Compton, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: KHHR 5 NW ; KLGB 6 SE ; KTOA 7 SW ; KLAX 9 W ;(ave. distance: 7 nm) Total Based Aircraft:175 (151 single-props, 14 multi-props, 1 glider) … Continue reading


KHHR Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Airport (80 acres) Hawthorne, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KLAX] 4 W ; [KTOA] 7 S ; [KSMO] 8 NW ; [KLGB] 11 SE ;(ave. distance: 8 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 111 (89 single-props, 20 … Continue reading


KLGB Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field) (1,166 acres) Long Beach, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KSLI] 5 E ; [KFUL] 9 E ; [KTOA] 9 W ; [KHHR] 11 NW ;(ave. distance: 9 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 425 (294 single-props, … Continue reading

CALIFORNIA: Airport Data & Links

Two pages … click on the links for Part One or Part Two: California Airports, #1 thru #50: KLAX thru KPMD California Airports, #51 thru #78: KVCV thru KNUQ KLAX Los Angeles International Airport (3,500 acres) Los Angeles, CA Four … Continue reading