Tampa, FL – OEP:KTPA

8-15-2015 KTPA TAMPA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (3,300 acres) Tampa, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KTPF] 6 SE ; [KMCF] 8 S ; [KPIE] 9 SW ; [KVDF] 10 E ;(ave. distance: 8 nm) Total Based Aircraft:65 (16 single-props, 6 multi-props) (34 … Continue reading

The Third Head of the NextGen Hydra: How FAA is Jamming Arrivals Closer Together

Three months ago, the ‘Dissecting NextGen’ presentation was made in Des Moines, to help people better understand the impacts of NextGen around Sea-Tac International Airport [KSEA]. Included within that presentation was discussion of ‘Hub Concentration’ and ‘Route Concentration’, as two … Continue reading


KSPG Albert Whitted Airport (119 acres) St Petersburg, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KMCF] 8 NE ; [KPIE] 9 N ; [KTPF] 13 NE ; [KTPA] 14 N ;(ave. distance: 11 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 146 (115 single-props, 23 multi-props) … Continue reading


KPIE St Petersburg – Clearwater International Airport (1,900 acres) St Petersburg – Clearwater, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KCLW] 5 NW ; [KTPA] 9 NE ; [KSPG] 9 S ; [KMCF] 10 E ;(ave. distance: 8 nm) Total Based Aircraft: … Continue reading


The OEP 35 (Operational Evolution Partnership) airports are commercial U.S. airports with significant activity. These airports serve major metropolitan areas and also serve as hubs for airline operations. The FAA website claims that more than 70 percent of passengers move through these … Continue reading