KUKI Ukiah Municipal Airport (160 acres) Ukiah, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [1O2] 16 SE ; [O28] 21 N ; [O60] 23 SE ; [KLLR] 27 W ;(ave. distance: 22 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 80 (67 single-props, 7 multi-props, 4 … Continue reading

CALIFORNIA (part-2): Airport Data & Links

Two pages … click on the links for Part One or Part Two: California Airports, #1 thru #50: KLAX thru KPMD California Airports, #51 thru #78: KVCV thru KNUQ KVCV Southern California Logistics Airport (2,300 acres) Victorville, CA Four Nearby … Continue reading

Analysis: Kyoto Protocol and Aviation’s CO2 Impact

There is simply no rational denial to this simple fact: the amount of human-created CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere has climbed at an extraordinary rate, and to unprecedented levels. The earliest fossils of our species, Homo sapiens, date back to 200,000 … Continue reading