KVNY Van Nuys Airport (725 acres) Van Nuys, CA Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KWHP] 5 NE ; [KBUR] 7 E ; [KSMO] 12 S ; [KLAX] 17 S ;(ave. distance: 10 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 610 (280 single-props, 83 multi-props) … Continue reading

FEB 25-27: Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium, at Long Beach, CA

Every year, industry representatives (including FAA and the lobbyists, of course!) meet at around this time, for the ‘Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium’. The event is traditionally held in the Palm Springs area, but is at Long Beach this year. … Continue reading

[KSMO]: No Runway Protection Zones, in Stark Contrast with Other Airports

A Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) is a trapezoidal space, positioned at the ends of all runways, designed to create a safety buffer for when aircraft fail to stay on the runway. Santa Monica has no meaningful RPZs. In fact, despite … Continue reading

From St. Clair to Santa Monica – How FAA Delays Airport Closures

One of the biggest airport fights in the U.S. today is in Santa Monica, CA [KSMO], where neighbors and community officials are trying to close down at least part of KSMO and use the land for better purposes. This airport … Continue reading

5/12/2015: Airport Pollution on the Agenda at Next Santa Monica City Council Meeting

In a regular session, scheduled to begin at 5:30PM on May 12th, the Santa Monica City Council will be considering an item related to air pollution at the Santa Monica Airport [KSMO]. At Item 13-C on the Meeting Agenda, Councilmember … Continue reading

Growth of Jet Operations at KSMO, 1983-2014

The number of jet operations per year, in and out of the airport at Santa Monica [KSMO], was barely 1,000 in 1983, and peaked at around 18,000 from 2004-2007. There was a substantial decline coincident with the financial collapse of … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents, [2015Q1]

The following table presents a chronology for the first quarter of 2015, showing all known ‘fatal’ U.S. civil aviation accidents, as well as a few selected non-fatal accidents and incidents. Data shows date (weekends are underlined), location, number of fatalities, and a … Continue reading

Accidents & Incidents 2015: further details

Click here to view the full list of Accidents & Incidents for the current quarter 12/23/2015: Telluride, CO 12/22/2015: Castro Valley, CA 12/19/2015: Bakersfield, CA 12/17/2015: Madison, FL 11/23/2015: NW of Santa Monica, CA 10/26/2015: Ocean Springs, MS 10/14/2015: Hammond, … Continue reading

Santa Monica Voters Pass Measure LC for Local Control of their Airport

Voters in Santa Monica passed Measure LC, surviving an intense effort (and lots of out-of-area funding) to kill their goal of regaining local control of their airport. In June 2015, a 30-year-old agreement between the city and FAA ends, and … Continue reading