PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport [ANC] (4,608 acres) Anchorage, AK Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [PAMR] 5 NE ; [PAED] 7 NE ; [PAGQ] 22 N ; [PAWS] 27 NE ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 98 (8 single-props, … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, 2017: Three Graphics That Say a Lot

Here are three graphics: the first posted by airline lobbyist A4A, the second posted by FAA, and the last shared online at the Facebook site, Plane Sense 4 Long Island. Note the conflicting data from FAA and the lobby; note … Continue reading

KSEA North Flow Arrivals: How Federal Way Residential Communities are Impacted

Here’s an example flight, showing how FAA/ATC chooses to accommodate airline profits ahead of citizen impacts. In this case, ATC controls a North Flow arrival from Alaska, to land on Runway 34L at SeaTac [KSEA]: And, here’s a VFR sectional … Continue reading

Heathrow Airport Pays Guardian to Create ‘News Content’

One of the more disgusting details from the U.S. elections this past year was seeing the death of the journalism profession. We learned how the mainstream media no longer does hard research, no longer asks tough questions, but instead exists only to collect … Continue reading

Exposing a NextGen Fraud: the so-called ‘Conventional’ ZigZag Routes

It is quite clear that, with the election results and the imminent White House occupancy change, coordinated efforts are ramping up to try and push through the latest pet projects: ATC privatization, and accelerated NextGen funding. These efforts are sourced … Continue reading

FAA History: 2013

FAA History (main page) Tuesday, January 1, 2013:The Senate confirmed Michael Huerta as the new FAA Administrator. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood swore him in for a five-year term on January 9. (See March 27, 2012.) Wednesday, January 2, 2013: Garmin … Continue reading