8-25–2015 KHTO EAST HAMPTON AIRPORT (570 acres) EAST HAMPTON, NY Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [87N] 12 SW ; [KMTP] 17 NE ; [KFOK] 19 W ; [0B8] 20 NE ;(ave. distance: 17 nm) Total Based Aircraft:97 (82 single-props, 6 multi-props) … Continue reading

Residents Near East Hampton Airport Have Had Enough

The airport at East Hampton [KHTO], near the east end of Long Island, NY, is a relatively quiet airport most of the year, but it becomes a noisy beehive around weekends. In the summer months, the airport is intensively used by … Continue reading

A Table with Links for Selected Communities

AZ: Phoenix Skyrocketing complaints due to impacts in the classic NextGen pattern: FAA allows early turns and lower altitudes, claiming the impacts will not be significant … then delays for years fixing the obvious problem. Meanwhile, profits expand for dominant … Continue reading

Please Sign This Petition!!

A small group of noise-impacted citizens have worked together to create a petition that is generally aimed at: restoring local control on airport environmental impacts; maximizing aviation transparency (so impacted neighbors can use real data to efficiently resolve aviation noise … Continue reading

Zeldin Amendment Accepted into FAA Legislation

An elegantly simple way to box out some of FAA’s out-of-control behaviors. Should help East Hampton regain local control of their airport. Thank you, Congressman Zeldin!

ANALYSIS: Three Decades of Aviation Noise Politics May be Bracing for Impact

The news this year has been abuzz with Aviation Noise articles, and it does not appear to be slowing down. Yesterday, U.S. District Court Judge Judith LaBuda heard closing arguments in a Boulder, CO trial, where impacted residents are seeking … Continue reading

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24-Nov U.S. domestic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2013 (Michelle Durand, San Mateo Daily Journal) – ENV- 24-Nov FAA signs off on solar project at Malone airport (EJ Conzola II, watertowndailytimes.com) KART – ENV- 23-Nov Man arrested after sneaking onto tarmac … Continue reading


KFOK Francis Gabreski Airport (1,451 acres) Westhampton Beach, NY Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [87N] 8 E ; [KHWV] 11 W ; [KHTO] 19 E ; [KISP] 21 W ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 144 (103 single-props, 16 multi-props, … Continue reading