IMPACT: Skydiving-Noise 8-9-2015 3TE Meyers-Diver’s Airport (75 acres) Tecumseh, MI Total Based Aircraft:11 (11 single-props) Operations & ATC: (est. 11 ops/day (75% local) ♦ No tower) Click on this button for links to background info: [3TE]-REFERENCE Additional buttons:Skydiving-Noisesearch (aiR) NOAA … Continue reading

IMPACT: Skydiving Noise

Below is a list of communities with documented skydiving noise impacts, as well as a list of locations with proposed skydiving operations. Links to further information on each airport are included. This list is under construction. Readers are encouraged to forward … Continue reading


KARB Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (837 acres) Ann Arbor, MI Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KYIP] 10 E ; [3TE] 15 SW ; [1D2] 15 NE ; [KDTW] 17 E ;(ave. distance: 14 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 175 (147 single-props, 15 … Continue reading