IMPACT: Skydiving-Noise 8-8-2015 4S9 Mulino State Airport (275 acres) Mulino, OR Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KUAO] 8 W ; [KTTD] 22 N ; [KPDX] 22 N ; [KMMV] 23 W ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft:43 (40 single-props, 2 … Continue reading

A Table with Links for Selected Communities

AZ: Phoenix Skyrocketing complaints due to impacts in the classic NextGen pattern: FAA allows early turns and lower altitudes, claiming the impacts will not be significant … then delays for years fixing the obvious problem. Meanwhile, profits expand for dominant … Continue reading

IMPACT: Skydiving Noise

Below is a list of communities with documented skydiving noise impacts, as well as a list of locations with proposed skydiving operations. Links to further information on each airport are included. This list is under construction. Readers are encouraged to forward … Continue reading