Here’s how to fix our air-traffic control problems – (NOT!!)

Here’s an analysis/rebuttal of a Steve Forbes USAToday Op/Ed, about NextGen and ATC Privatization. Mr. Forbes repeats the common NextGen lies, using few words to present the current ATC system as archaic, inefficient and overdue for reform. He misses on … Continue reading

Airport Noise Complaint Systems are Broken, Need to be Replaced

For years, you live happily in your home – raising kids, adding on, gardening, studying the birds, and relaxing in the yard. Then, one day, a heartless FAA and a soulless airport authority ‘collaboratively’ impose new routes and ever-expanding flight … Continue reading

FAA Forms Workgroups to solve their ‘People Problems’

FAA has a problem, and like any over-matured and sclerotic agency, they have their solutions. Not clean solutions that actually FIX THE PROBLEM, but dirty solutions to serve the agency/industry interests while disempowering people. FAA’s failing NextGen implementations are destroying long-established … Continue reading

Working to Solve the Problems Created by NextGen

There is a new Chair for the Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus, actually two: Representatives Tom Souzzi (pronounced “swah’-zee”) and Eleanor Holmes-Norton were elected as co-chairs, to replace Representative Grace Meng. Both Souzzi and Meng are from the NYC area, serving Queens and … Continue reading

We Need Congress to Fix FAA’s Problems…

…and here is one recent success connecting with a Congressman. In this example, the citizen started by contacting  his member of the House of Representatives (use this link to locate yours, using only your zip code). An email address was then located, and a … Continue reading

What Can FAA & NTSB do to Reduce HEMS Accidents?

In the past week, we have had two fatal crashes of helicopters providing ’emergency medical services’. Historical data shows that many of these ‘HEMS’ fatal accidents happen at nighttime, when flying in poor weather, especially in dark (moonless) conditions. Such … Continue reading

FAA Still Failing on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

“What are they smoking at the FAA??? “When is the FAA (and their indifferent parent, the DOT) going to fire their current crop of idiot regs-makers, and replace them with sober, competent, responsible adults?” The above are valid questions, raised … Continue reading

October 4, 2014: A Fatal HEMS accident in Wichita Falls

Shortly before 2:00AM local time, an emergency ambulance helicopter crashed in Wichita Falls, TX, killing the patient and injuring the pilot and both flight nurses. News reports indicate that the Bell 206 helicopter, based in Duncan, OK, had been dispatched … Continue reading

DoT-IG’s Investigations & News Items related to FAA

The Inspector General for the Department of Transportation (DoT-IG) is charged with monitoring and auditing department programs to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. They are frequently asked by Congress to do investigations and reviews. The DoT-IG issues audit reports, evaluations, and management advisories … Continue reading