Orlando, FL – OEP:KMCO

8-15-2015 KMCO ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (13,302 acres) Orlando, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KORL] 7 N ; [KISM] 11 SW ; [KSFB] 21 N ; [X04] 22 NW ;(ave. distance: 15 nm) Total Based Aircraft:34 (4 single-props, 4 multi-props) (25 … Continue reading

The Third Head of the NextGen Hydra: How FAA is Jamming Arrivals Closer Together

Three months ago, the ‘Dissecting NextGen’ presentation was made in Des Moines, to help people better understand the impacts of NextGen around Sea-Tac International Airport [KSEA]. Included within that presentation was discussion of ‘Hub Concentration’ and ‘Route Concentration’, as two … Continue reading

[KORD]: Safety is Losing Out with the O’Hare Modernization Plan

One week ago, United 441 departed Orlando [KMCO] late in the day on a scheduled trip to O’Hare [KORD]. The flight history was normal up until the last moment, when the Boeing 757 slid off the edge of the runway and … Continue reading

2015-01-25.. Near Collision, JetBlue Arrival to White Plains, NY

An Airbus A320, flown as JetBlue Flight 94 from Orlando, FL [KMCO] to White Plains, NY [KHPN], reportedly took evasive actions during the arrival, to avoid a collision with a small plane. The news story was widely reported four days later. Below is … Continue reading


KORL Orlando Executive Airport (1,055 acres) Orlando, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KMCO] 7 S ; [KSFB] 15 N ; [KISM] 16 S ; [X04] 16 NW ;(ave. distance: 14 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 209 (137 single-props, 45 multi-props) (17 … Continue reading


KISM Kissimmee Gateway Airport (892 acres) Kissimmee, FL Four Nearby Instrument Airports: [KMCO] 11 NE ; [KORL] 16 N ; [KGIF] 22 SW ; [X07] 26 S ;(ave. distance: 19 nm) Total Based Aircraft: 141 (116 single-props, 8 multi-props) (4 … Continue reading