‘We the People’ – Petitioning the White House to End NextGenHell

A petition has been started, asking President Obama to take action, to bring relief to victims of NextGen-related noise in places like Phoenix, Palo Alto, Charlotte, Chicago, Boston, Queens, Seattle, Minneapolis… …the list goes on and on. And the list … Continue reading

Two Websites, Spawned by FAA’s NextGenHell, South of San Francisco

Barely three months ago, FAA flipped the switch for new NextGen ‘thinner and lower’ arrival routes into SFO, and the impact on people living in previously quiet areas, from Capitola to Millbrae, has been horrendous. In keeping with their ‘NextGenHell’ … Continue reading

The Push for Rescinding SERFR: Select Committee Meets Tonight in Mountain View

FAA’s March 2015 NextGen implementation for SFO arrivals has created huge negative impacts upon people from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto. The final meeting of the Select Committee is tonight, in Mountain View. The meeting offers a public forum to speak … Continue reading

Video Brilliantly Presents NextGen Impacts

Check out this video by Bay Area Activists. This is the latest in a fourteen-month effort, involving hundreds of residents who seek to restore peace and quality of life diminished by NextGen’s SERFR arrival. The creativity and research by these … Continue reading

A Set of KSEA Arrivals Helps to Expose FAA’s NextGen Fraud

Much of the gains of FAA’s NextGen program, as being oversold to the people and to Congress, are actually false and will never be realized. History may eventually reveal that FAA’s NextGen program was just a fraud, used to ratchet … Continue reading

FAA: Winging it with Arbitrary Numbers & Declarations

In a recent cartoon, the concerns of residents in the Santa Cruz Mountains area (south of the San Francisco Airport) were graphically presented by Steven DeCinzo:DeCinzo’s Op/Ed is drawing many chuckles. But, more importantly, it is not an exaggeration of how … Continue reading

Twitter Being Used to Help Fight Aviation Noise

Twitter is becoming a powerful venue for people to share NextGen noise concerns, vent frustrations, and coordinate activism. Even better, the exchange extends around the world, with active participation near Toronto (e.g., see @FairFlightPath) and London (see @planeondaroof for Heathrow, or  @Crowsays_no for … Continue reading

Global Warming Denialism Is as Wrong as FAA’s NextGen

There is so much work to do, just trying to stay on top of FAA’s full frontal assault. Over the past three years, and under the guise of ‘safety and efficiency’, FAA has begun imposing NextGenHell and OAPMfraud, and thus destroying … Continue reading

A Matter of Trust

It was more than eight months ago that FAA implemented NextGenNoise upon the residents of Phoenix. Literally tens of millions of individual noise ‘events’, some impacting thousands of people at a time. People have lost sleep; teachers have had to pause … Continue reading