Genesis and the Story of the SERFR Arrival (according to FAA)

…But the Community continued to cry out in ever greater numbers. And their complaints numbered in the thousands, and then tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands. *** Crying out in a loud voice they said “Oh Lord, remove … Continue reading

The Push for Rescinding SERFR: Select Committee Meets Tonight in Mountain View

FAA’s March 2015 NextGen implementation for SFO arrivals has created huge negative impacts upon people from Santa Cruz to Palo Alto. The final meeting of the Select Committee is tonight, in Mountain View. The meeting offers a public forum to speak … Continue reading

SERFR: FAA’s ‘Acoustical Sewerline’ over the Santa Cruz area

Across the nation, over the past two years, FAA has been accommodating the desire of airlines to pad their profits by turning lower and closer to the airports. FAA, collaborating with so-called ‘stakeholders’ including the air traffic controllers union (NATCA), … Continue reading

Did a ‘Vendor Error’ Reveal FAA Arbitrariness on NextGen?

Jondi Gumz’s article in the Monterey Herald, does a very good job explaining the problems people are having with FAA NextGen, not just under south approaches to KSFO, but at major hub airports nationwide. (‘Santa Cruz, San Lorenzo Valley residents … Continue reading

MHFC: Technology and Design Achieve Nothing When Too Many Flights are Scheduled

An incredible airshow: Michael Huerta’s Flying Circus. In service to the airlines, FAA has carefully worked to bypass environmental review procedures while also embarking on a scheme to abandon wholesale decades worth of noise mitigation procedures. In their effort to … Continue reading

‘NextGen Fixes’ Tend to be Slow, and Tend to Serve to Advance the Propaganda

Thankfully, some progress has been seen for the [NextGen impact case] at [KSFO], but the repetitive noise impact problems persist nationwide, and in fact, appear to be worsening. In almost all cases, the rare ‘NextGen-fixes’ have three key elements: the … Continue reading

Video Brilliantly Presents NextGen Impacts

Check out this video by Bay Area Activists. This is the latest in a fourteen-month effort, involving hundreds of residents who seek to restore peace and quality of life diminished by NextGen’s SERFR arrival. The creativity and research by these … Continue reading

Saturday, October 24 is ‘No Fly Day’

Aviation Noise has become vastly ‘out of balance’. Why? Because FAA has become a deeply ‘captured’ regulatory agency, serving the airlines with no accountability to the Public. If you or someone you know is being adversely impacted by FAA’s NextGen implementation, … Continue reading

Citizen’s Noise Monitoring (website)

There’s a new website of great value to Nextgen victims and others suffering from aviation noise impacts: Citizen’s Noise Monitoring. It appears to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, created by a tech-savvy impacted citizen trying to find relief … Continue reading