The maltreatment that often happens toward whistleblowers can be extremely unsettling. This part of the website offers examples of Whistleblower retaliation, then provides guidance and resources to help those enduring Whistleblower retaliation. While this was produced by an FAA Whistleblower, the … Continue reading

The NoPay Game: also used against FAA Whistleblowers

We survived ‘Shutstorm 2013!’ Or, then too, maybe Congress will put us through this again (again!) in a few more months. Gotta love the fact that today, ‘We the People’ have elected U.S. officials who increase their sway (and crisis-related fundraising) … Continue reading

Ever heard of Con Air? Yes, they also retaliate against their aviation Whistleblowers.

The record clearly shows that FAA has a bad habit of damaging those controllers, inspectors and other employees who speak up to fix problems. But, to FAA’s credit, here’s evidence that the same corrupt practice is found in other, non-FAA … Continue reading

Whistleblowers are often culled out of FAA via Disability Retirements

The NY Times published an interesting article about efforts to improve the practice of diagnosing Personality Disorders. At first glance, most would think this has NOTHING to do with the FAA and Whistleblowers. Or maybe it does… take a closer … Continue reading

NEWSCLIP-2011-06-15: FAA whistleblowers feel betrayed

By: Barbara Hollingsworth | 06/15/11 9:15 PM Local Opinion Editor Members of the Federal Aviation Administration Whistleblowers Alliance were expecting more from the chief of the FAA’s Office of Audit and Evaluation, Clayton Foushee Jr. They hoped Foushee would finally do something about … Continue reading

Is Trump ‘Reloading the Swamp’?

It is good to see Administrator Huerta move along, though it would have been much nicer to see the President fire him a year ago. Now, as to who will be heading FAA(?)… …well, it looks like the AvGov Complex … Continue reading

Reflections on FAA as a Faux-Regulator Serving Industry, Not the Public

At year end, we often take time to reflect. This year, let’s reflect on precisely what it means, when a U.S. federal agency is ‘captured’ by industry, so as to serve the industry instead of the larger Public. This Post … Continue reading