What Can FAA & NTSB do to Reduce HEMS Accidents?

In the past week, we have had two fatal crashes of helicopters providing ’emergency medical services’. Historical data shows that many of these ‘HEMS’ fatal accidents happen at nighttime, when flying in poor weather, especially in dark (moonless) conditions. Such … Continue reading

October 4, 2014: A Fatal HEMS accident in Wichita Falls

Shortly before 2:00AM local time, an emergency ambulance helicopter crashed in Wichita Falls, TX, killing the patient and injuring the pilot and both flight nurses. News reports indicate that the Bell 206 helicopter, based in Duncan, OK, had been dispatched … Continue reading

Christine Negroni’s articles about HEMS

One of the most informative aviation-related blogs online today is ‘Flying Lessons’, by Christine Negroni. Started in late 2009, ‘Flying Lessons’ covers all sorts of aviation content, from light/fun/curious travel details, to very serious air safety issues. The latter has … Continue reading

FAA Again Caught Undermining The Peoples’ Access to News & Data

A major news story has been largely ignored by the mainstream media: the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest in North Dakota. Nonetheless, stories and images are leaking to the world, and embarrassing our nation, not just for the excessively militarized … Continue reading

Photography Drones: A Force for Transparency, Accountability & Democracy

Find me just one person in this nation who is not sick of this election and we will agree: this is a deceased person – who’s name is probably connected to at least one fraudulent ballot. Downward we have dropped. … Continue reading

AIRR: Going Nowhere (while Shuster schleps in Florida!)

FAA’s arrogance in ignoring NextGen noise impacts is legendary, but that arrogance is amazingly exceeded by Bill Shuster, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. And, it is all a glaring conflict of interest. On Day One, Mister Shuster is … Continue reading