A Letter They Would Never Send

Here’s a copy of a 8/15/2018 coalition letter, signed by 33 groupsa, including these aiREFORM rebuttal points:

  • Frankly, it makes one point, over and over again: “Hey, Senator, there is lots of money in aviation, and if you want to benefit from that money, you’d better hurry up and pass this legislation.”
  • The disinformation is liberally dispersed. There is nothing ‘essential’ or ‘foundational’ about FAA’s performance that justifies the idea of quickly reauthorizing FAA without needed discussion and amendments.
  • This list shows those industry players who stand to benefit from the lobbied content of the legislation. Of course they would love to see this ‘expeditiously’ passed.
Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.