A Request to Carmine Gallo

Some Sample Arrivals, Showing Mr. Gallo Was Misinformed:

The screen-caps below, compiled from FlightAware, illustrate a series of arrivals at around 5PM on Saturday, October 8th. Weather at the time was a high overcast layer (10,000 feet and higher), light rain, and visibility ranging from 3-miles to 5-miles.

Here are two maps, one showing terrain (and depicting East Hills, too .. see bottom center), and the other showing airspace. On the airspace map, wide dark-blue-line markings indicate that East Hills is at approximately 11.5 miles from JFK, and almost exactly 10-miles from the approach end of the runway. Note that, for a standard 3-degree glideslope, this would typically mean arrivals over East Hills should be 3,000 feet … precisely what Mr. Gallo said they are at. Except, of course, they are not; the arrivals are routinely level at 2,000 feet and even lower.kjfk-20161015scp-terrain-map-around-roslyn-east-hills-greenvale-flightaware-map


(pink ellipse marks East Hills area; pink line marks final approach corridor to Runways 22, Click on image to view source graphic at VFRmap.com)

Impacted residents can sometimes exaggerate or misstate the impacts, but in this case, the problem was defined very accurately. Topo maps show East Hills homes are typically at 200-300 feet elevation, and FAA’s ILS approach plates show glideslope intercepts in the area at around 1,800 feet. So, the arrivals are in fact being regularly cleared by ATC to level off at roughly 1,500 feet above the homes in East Hills.

First in the series of four arrivals was JetBlue 766, arriving from Grand Cayman, with an Arc of Doom (thin green track) levelling at 2,000 feet, to the ENE of East Hills (see data in FlightTrackLog: northernmost latitude 40.8064, marked in a red box). kjfk-20161008at1706-jbu766-arr-f-mwcr-flightaware-satviewkjfk-20161008at1706-jbu766-arr-f-mwcr-flightaware-flighttracklog-w-2000ft-leveloff-at-lat-40-8064

Second in the series of four arrivals was GoJet 6304, a regional from Buffalo, with an Arc of Doom also levelling at 2,000 feet, to the east of East Hills. kjfk-20161008at1706-gjs6304-arr-f-kbuf-flightaware-satview

kjfk-20161008at1706-gjs6304-arr-f-kbuf-flightaware-flighttracklog-w-2000ft-leveloff-at-lat40-8000Third in the series of four arrivals was Delta 676 from Virgin Islands, with an Arc of Doom also levelling at 2,000 feet, again to the east of East Hills. kjfk-20161008at1708-dal676-arr-f-tist-flightaware-satview

kjfk-20161008at1708-dal676-arr-f-tist-flightaware-flighttracklog-w-2000ft-leveloff-at-lat40-7992Last in the series of four arrivals was Delta 478 from Salt Lake City, with an Arc of Doom levelling at 1,900 feet, to the ENE of East Hills. kjfk-20161008at1709-dal478-arr-f-kslc-flightaware-satviewkjfk-20161008at1709-dal478-arr-f-kslc-flightaware-flighttracklog-w-1900ft-leveloff-at-lat40-8059Note that the data for this last flight updates more rapidly than for the other four flights (the other flights updated roughly once per minute, but this averaged four times per minute). Also, it shows an extended level-off at 1,900 feet.

In his reply letter, Mr. Gallo stated nobody is below 3,000 feet. All four of these flights were at or below 2,000 feet altitude, and these are very representative of the majority of flights during all times when ATC is assigning Runway 22 arrivals.