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Aviation loves acronyms. They are convenient, but they also layer the details with technical complexity and mystery. So, when you attend a local meeting about an airport issue, you will nearly always see the aviation side liberally using acronyms, with the obvious intent being to try to intimidate the non-aviation side.

Within this website, I will endeavor to present content without using too much aviation code-speak. I will even often go overboard (and hopefully not insult your intelligence) with explanations and simplifications. This website is intended to inform, and your learning these aviation acronyms will make you more effective at aviation-related democratic processes, such as that local airport meeting. So, to aid in your learning these aviation acronyms, please consult this acronym page. And if you feel a particular acronym or concept needs to be explained in a Post, please forward your suggestion to the website administrator.

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This page is a collection of content that does not quite fit elsewhere on the website, including images, links, etc. Primarily, these are articles NOT about aviation, but covering current events and larger issues such as politics and environment.

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…are greatly appreciated. For the first six months of this website, comments produced an extraordinary amount of spam. It got to be so bad, that a decision was finally made to remove the comment function.

If you have a comment or a suggestion, please use the Contact page and send a brief email. Emails using real email addresses and a relevant subject line will almost always generate a response. If you offer a substantial comment about an aiReform Post and want it added, perhaps to support or rebut a point, that can be easily done; in fact, it will be done, so long as your comment adds meaningful perspective and/or data. Alternatively, if you wish to guest-author a separate Post, that too can be arranged.