A Page of Acronyms

The following are Acronyms found within this website. Aviation-specific acronyms are blue; other acronyms are green. Further information can be found online at FAA’s Pilot-Controller Glossary; or, you may download a PDF copy saved at aiREFORM.com.


AAE: Office of Audit and Accountability (at FAA HQ)
AB: Accountability Board (at FAA HQ)
AGC: Office of General Counsel (at FAA HQ)
AL: annual leave
ALJ: administrative law judge
ANM: FAA’s Northwest Mountain Region (offices in Renton, WA)
AOV: Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (at FAA HQ)
ARTCC: air route traffic control center
ARTS: automated radar terminal systems
ATC: Air Traffic Control
ATCT: air traffic control tower
ATO: Air Traffic Organization
ATSAP: Air Traffic Safety Action Program
AVS: Office of Aviation Safety (at FAA HQ)
AWOL: absent without leave
AWP: FAA’s Western Pacific Region (offices in Lawdale, CA)
CAA: Civil Aeronautics Authority
CAMI: Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (in Oklahoma City)
CIC: controller in charge
CPC: certified professional controller
CSRA: Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
CWO: contract weather observer
DEIS: ddraft Environmental Impact Statement
EA: Environmental Assessment
EAP: Employee Assistance Program
EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EIS: Environmental Impact Statement
EMS: Emergency Medical Services (e.g., air ambulance)
EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
ERAM: En Route Automation Modernization
ERC: event review committee (ATSAP)
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
FAS: Federal Air Surgeon
FLRA: Federal Labor Relations Authority
FOIA: Freedom of Information Act of 1966
FSDO: Flight Standards District Office
GAO: Government Accountability Office
GAP: Government Accountability Project
FAA HQ: FAA’s headquarters (offices in Washington, DC)
HSC: FAA’s HOST en route ATC computer system
HRMO: Human Resources Management Office
ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization
ICC: Interstate Commerce Commission
IFR: instrument flight rules
IMC: instrument meteorological conditions
LR/ER: Labor Relations / Employee Relations
LoR: Letter of Reprimand
LWOP: leave without pay
MOU: memorandum of understanding
MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
MSPB: Merit Systems Protection Board
NAS: National Airspace System
NATCA: National Air Traffic Controllers Association (union formed 1987; represents ~15,000 employees)
NGO: non-governmental organization
NoFEAR: Notification and Federal  Employee Anti-discrimination Act of 2002
NORDO: no radio (as in a failure, in the aircraft or on the ground)
NPS: National Park Service
NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board
NWC: National Whistleblowers Center
OSC: Office of Special Counsel
PASS: Professional Aviation Systems Specialists (union formed 1977; represents ~11,000 employees)
PFR: Petition for Review
POGO: Project on Government Oversight
PPP: Prohibited Personnel Practice
RFS: Regional Flight Surgeon
ROI: Report of Investigation
SL: sick leave
TRACON: Terminal Radar Approach Control
ULP: Unfair Labor Practice
UTC: coordinated universal time
VFR: visual flight rules
ViWP: violence in the workplace
VMC: visual meteorological conditions
WB: whistleblower
WPA: Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989
WPEA: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012
WSA: Western Service Area (offices in Renton, WA)