Accidents & Incidents, [2014Q1]

The following table presents a chronology for the first quarter of 2014, showing all U.S. aviation accidents listed as ‘Fatal’ within the NTSB Aviation Accident Database. Data shows date (weekends are underlined), location, number of fatalities, and a brief synopsis. Click on the blue dates to see additional info. For all accidents, further records are quickly found by searching for the accident date within NTSB’s Monthly Aviation Accident Database. Those accidents within the most recent two weeks may not be listed yet at NTSB; they are listed from news reports and from the quickly updated databases at Aviation-Safety Network. These color-codes are added to aid in tracking accident trends: MIDAIRATCEMSFATIGUECOMMERCIALAGWXowner-built

Fatal Accidents:

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Highlands Ranch, CO


(~3:00PM) A homebuilt Sonerai takes off from Centennial Airport and within minutes crashes into a field near a Target and a strip mall, killing the pilot.


Brunswick, GA


(~5:45PM) A Piper PA44 Seminole departs from Concord, NC destined for Jacksonville, FL, but it crashes four miles east of the East Brunswick Golden Isles Airport [KBQK]. The aircraft was believed to be registered with the ATP flight training program. Both bodies were recovered the next day. [article]


Blount County, TN


(~1:30PM) A 59-yr-old airshow performer flies his DHC-1 aircraft from Indiana for a Florida event, but fails to arrive at his planned stop in Canon, GA. The wreckage is located the next day on a mountainside in the Cherokee National Forest. [article]


Ouray County, CO


(~2:00PM) A Socata TBM700 owned by a corporation in northeast Alabama, flies to Bartlesville, OK then after a short stop continues toward Montrose, CO. Two hours later, witnesses at a reservoir fifty miles south of Montrose see the aircraft circling before it crashes onto the water surface. The aircraft settles into water at least 60-feet deep, and recovery of the bodies is delayed until Sunday. [article]


Safety Harbor, FL


(~4:00AM) A Piper PA28 departs Round Lake (north of Chicago) in the evening, with a father flying his daughter and her friend to Florida. At around 4AM, the aircraft reportedly impacts a powerline and crashes nose-down on the median of a north-south arterial, roughly 5-miles north of the destination airport [KPIE]. The 53-yr-old pilot is killed, and the two 15-yr-old passengers are hospitalized. [article] UPDATE: — the 15-yr-old daughter did not survive her injuries.


Palatka, FL


(~10:50AM) A Cessna 400 Corvalis is flying touch-and-go landings when it reportedly stalls. It crashes near a Lowe’s home improvement store and comes to rest just short of the store, impacting a stack of pallets. Both the 73-yr-old owner/pilot and his 71-yr-old passenger are hospitalized; the passenger, a successful businessman, later dies. [article]


Aurora, CO


(~5:00PM) A Piper PA60 Aerostar (light twin) is purchased in California and taken to its new home near Denver. Two weeks later, at least one video recording is made by alarmed neighborhood residents, showing the pilot flying low circles over the ground. He ends up killed in a fiery crash. [article]


Seattle, WA


(~7:40AM) A helicopter under contract with KOMO in Seattle departs from the news station’s helipad and uncontrollably descends and collides with cars. A fire breaks out, and fuel runs down the street. The contract pilot and a photographer are killed; a 38-yr-old male escapes from his burning car and is hospitalized with serious injuries. [article]


Washington, PA


(~2:10PM) A 52-yr-old pilot is flying touch-and-go landings with his kit-built Avid Bandit. While turning back toward the runway, he crashes into a fence and is killed. [article]


Kauai, HI


(~7:45AM) A motorized hang-glider is used by the pilot to carry passengers on flights in Hawaii. On this flight, the company owner crashed, and both he and the one passenger were killed. The company, Birds in Paradise, advertises the aircraft as a ‘Special Light Sport Aircraft’, and the flights as ‘training flights’. [article]


Hartsville, SC


(~6:40PM) A Lancair IV-P, flown by a 61-yr-old pilot, crashes between two houses and catches fire. Three men die, including the 29-yr-old son-in-law of the pilot, and a 75-yr-old retiree. Articles report a day with good weather, a possible landing gear issue, and that the pilot and younger passenger were both on cellphones, talking with their wives, at the time of the crash. At least one online comment claims the aircraft had been flying aerobatics over their neighborhood. NTSB has confirmed the engine was turning at the time of the crash. [article]
UPDATE, 3/30/14: — the NTSB report notes that all three men were rated pilots. Evidence suggests a loss of control while trying to resolve a problem where the gear was not coming down.PRELIMINARY


Pinion Hills, NV


(afternoon) A 59-yr-old pilot based in Carson City flies a 1946 Cessna C120 to Wellington. Either on the flight or the return, he crashes in the Pinion Hills southeast of Carson City. The wreckage was spotted a day later, at about the same time that the pilot was reported missing. It is not yet clear whether this wreck occurred on Saturday or Sunday. [article]


Truckee, CA


(~11:00AM) A couple flies a Piper PA46 Malibu, returning home from Orange County [KSNA] to Truckee [KTRK]. The KTRK weather is a low overcast area with expected precipitation. The flight impacts Martis Peak, a rugged area about six miles southeast of the airport. The 70-yr-old male pilot was hospitalized, and his 55-yr-old wife died. [flightaware] [article]


Lumberport, WV


(~12:15PM) A Beech Debonair BE33 crashes into a forested hillside. A witness reported hearing the engine sputter, then go to full power just prior to hearing the sounds of impact.PRELIMINARY


Lanai, HI


(~9:10PM) A charter flight is called to fly county employees after an evening meeting. The Piper Navajo PA31 takes off and crashes, roughly a mile from the runway. The pilot and two passengers are killed, while three others are injured. A rescue was coordinated by a burned passenger, using a cellphone. Weather observations show intensified/gusting wind conditions. [article]


Maricopa, AZ


(~6:00PM) An experimental Sabrena Dragonfly crashes, killing the pilot. No further details at this time.


Tribune, KS


(~6:00PM) A 63-yr-old physician was killed when his owner-built Vans RV-9 crashed. He was reportedly flying northeastbound, when the aircraft fell from the sky. [article]


LaGrange, GA


(~2:20PM) Three men fly a Beech Baron to the airport, refuel, then take off to fly in the airport traffic pattern and practice. Witnesses reported a conflict with a glider, which caused the Baron pilot to take evasive action, stall, and then nosedive to the ground. The men were ages 69, 60 and 53. [article]


Pearland, TX


(~8:35AM) A 39-yr-old pilot is flying a Beechcraft KingAir 100 to pick up two clients. He encounters foggy conditions, and breaks off from an instrument approach to the main airport in Galveston. He diverts to the uncontrolled airport at Pearland and his passengers are soon waiting for his arrival at Pearland. He is unable to land on his first try, then crashes violently, creating a 4-foot deep crater while nearly hitting a crew of oil workers. [article]


Breckinridge, TX


(~2:00PM) A 38-yr-old CEO of an oil services company is also active with the Confederate Air Force. He is a father of four boys and is known to have always loved the thrill of fast cars and planes. He takes a solo flight on a newly restored WWII Sea Fury fighter plane. It crashes into a heavily wooded area, shortly after takeoff. [article]


Wellington, FL


(~12:55PM) A 58-yr-old professional pilot is doing practice touch-and-goes at a 248-home Florida residential airpark. He is killed when his Sonex homebuilt plane crashes, and becomes partially submerged in a lake. [article]


Shepherd, TX


(1:30PM) Shortly after taking off from Lake Water Wheel Airport [XS99], a Rans S-10 Sakota experiences an inflight breakup. It falls out of the sky, killing the 76-year-old male pilot. [article]


Telluride, CO


(~11:20AM) A Beechcraft Bonanza pilot takes off from Telluride Regional Airport intending to fly to Cortez, Colo. Conditions are light snow, 1 mile visibility, and calm winds. The flight impacts a band of cliffs one mile to the west, and the wreckage was located late in the afternoon. Fatalities included the 64-yr-old pilot and his 57-yr-old wife, both professional airline pilots. The third fatality was a retired military pilot. The three were on a trip from their homes in Phoenix, using a club aircraft. [article]


Birmingham, AL


(~10:30PM) A Cessna 210L Centurion is flown from Jackson, MS intending to land at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. ATC loses contact, and the radar target disappears ~13 miles northeast of the airport. Authorities located the wreckage fifteen hours later, in the Goodner Mountain Area north of Clay. The pilot and his wife were both killed. [article]


Tallahassee, FL


(~8:00PM) A 49-yr-old pilot rents a helicopter and flies two close friends from KTLH to the Wakulla County Airport, 26-miles to the south. They have a pleasant meal at a seafood restaurant and a restaurant employee drives them back to the airport. Minutes later, they take off and quickly impact trees and a powerline. Two men die and a 45-yr-old female passenger is hospitalized. [article]


Stuart, FL


(~7:30PM) A UK resident vacationing in Florida rents a Piper PA28 and flies from Vero Beach to Marathon. He was scheduled to return on Friday evening. The aircraft is missing; the pilot’s backpack and a boot were found, indicating the aircraft likely crashed in fifty feet of murky water. [article]


Bellevue, TN


(~4:57PM) A Rockwell 690 twin-prop Turbo Commander registered with Mid-Kansas Agri Co flies from Garden Bend, KS to Nashville, TN and attempts an approach at John C. Tune Airport [KJWN]. A missed approach is executed and ATC works the flight for a second approach attempt. While setting up on final there is a radio exchange with ATC questioning why the flight appears to be a half mile left of the final approach course. The plane then crashes ten miles south of the runway, just outside a busy YMCA. Fire and debris cause damage to numerous cars in the parking lot. Witnesses in news articles suggest conditions were favorable for icing. [article] [flightaware]


Glenwood, AR


(~1:00PM) A Cessna Centurion C210 disappeared while flying a contract route to spot wildfires for the Arkansas Forestry Commission. Searches were hampered by poor weather, but the wreck was found eleven days later, on 2/11/14. The 34-yr-old pilot had been flying for the Commission since 2005. He also served as a North Little Rock police officer and a member of Arkansas Air National Guard 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith. [article] – [2-27-2014 article]


Silt, CO


(~11:20AM) A Bell 206 helicopter registered with DBS Helicopters is inspecting a powerline when it impacts the transmission lines and crashes. Witnesses quickly arrive and find all three on board were fatally injured. [article1] Another article described that Holy Cross Energy had commissioned DBS to fly the helicopter roughly 30-feet above powerlines and 50-ft tall transmission poles, to do a 250-mile-long infrared inspection. [article2]


Milford, NJ


(~5:00PM) A 71-yr-old male reports mechanical problems, and the crash debris of his Decathlon is found five hours later in a wooded residential area. It was reported he had just bought the new plane from the Rochester, WI aircraft manufacturer, and was flying it home to New Jersey. The weather 20-miles to the west was: KABE 152151Z 31004KT 1/4SM BR SCT003 OVC012 03/02 A2991 [article]


Oceano, CA


(~2:10PM) A Morrisey 2150 (light single-prop, all metal) crashed into the Pacific Ocean, south of the Pismo Beach Pier. An hour later, debris and oil slicks were found. [article]


Pontiac, MI


(~7:48PM) A Cessna 310 (light twin) flying for Royal Air Freight crashes while on approach. The flight was from Atlanta (KFTY), and the 32-yr-old male pilot was killed. Weather sequence: KPTK 110053Z 14009KT 1/4SM R09R/2000V2600FT FG VV002 02/02 A2985. [article]


Boyne City, MI


(~7:00AM) A Mooney MO20 crashes shortly after takeoff, with light snow, 2-mile visibility and temperatures near ten degrees reported. The aircraft was registered to Chair Covers Leasing. [article]


Aspen, CO


(~12:22PM) A Challenger 600 jet flies up from Tucson on a Sunday. Weather is generally clear, but with strong, gusting tailwinds on approaches into an airport boxed in at the south end. The crew executes a missed approach, comes around the pattern, touches down on the second landing attempt, then bounces before a rapid descent to an impact. Weather observation a half hour after the accident: KASE 051953Z 31016G30KT 7SM HZ BKN037 OVC048 M12/M20 A3008 AO2 PK WND 32030/ SNB40E50PRELIMINARY

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