[aiRchive] A Bicameral Letter to FAA Administrator Steve Dickson

The end of 2019 is looking far better than the start of this very long year.

A few days before Christmas, eighteen elected representatives, from both the Senate and the House, sent the following letter to FAA Adminsitrator Stephen Dickson:

Click on the image below for a scrollable view of the international Press Release; the PDF file may be downloaded.

The letter makes reference to the 41-page Audit Report done by the DoT Inspector General and published last August (click here for a PDF copy, archived at page two of this Post).

An aiREFORM Analysis

Here are a few quick observations:

  • The Bicameral letter is excellent, but has one incorrect point in paragraph #2, where it repeats the oft-declared propaganda by FAA that Metroplex was introduced “…in order to make airspace more efficient.” FAA’s true reason for Metroplex was to achieve a giveaway for the airlines; they used Metroplex to do a wholesale removal of all previously existing noise mitigation procedures, so the airlines would no longer be encumbered with the ‘nuisance’ of having to reduce impacts below.
  • Again, Metroplex is NOT about efficiency. If Metroplex was about improving efficiency, would we not expect FAA to be deeply concerned about the gross inefficiencies of flying more and more passengers on longer overall trips, via major airline hubs? Would we not see FAA advocating for ticket prices (and fees) proportional to total direct-miles flown, and advocating for a steep aviation carbon tax?
  • True efficiency would be accomplished by ensuring the passengers are able to fly direct, one-hop flights from trip origin to trip destination. But, it behooves FAA and industry players to fly more passengers indirectly, via hub airports, as doing so artificially inflates enplanements, falsely suggesting a booming industry. And, more enplanements translates to more airport passenger fees, an attractive revenue generator for airport authorities like Port of Seattle and MassPort. This is a system rigged toward concentration, imposing a noise/health cost on local communities, and also undermining the viability of other airports within a few hundred miles of the emerging super-Hubs.
  • The Senators and Representatives are hopeful that FAA will start serving ‘We The People’, not just industry players. But FAA has a long history of arrogance, indifference, and aversion to accountability. This is the same ‘regulator’ that essentially let Boeing self-regulate the 737 MAX design that killed 346 in two horrific crashes, and was the last national regulator to ground this dangerous design.

So, what a year, right? So much has been revealed. So many individuals have persisted in their activism. Maybe, just maybe, in the coming New Year, we can see more growth in the support needed from those we elected to serve?

To serve ‘We the People’, not to serve the aviation corporatocracy.