Tracy Municipal Airport has two 4,000′ runways on 310 acres. Latest numbers show 94 based aircraft and 164 operations/day. The runways were built as auxiliary airfields for army flight training during WWII, in support of a base at Stockton.

Tracy is strategically located at a major freeway interchange, with direct routes north and south on I-5, and west toward the Bay Area on I-580. It has grown into a substantial bedroom community for Bay Area workers, with densely constructed neighborhoods. Residents are impacted by regular airport noise, but the most substantial impact appears to be an aerobatic box just south of the airport. FAA has renewed a series of waivers that allow hobbyists to practice their aerobatic flight maneuvers at and below 3,000′ within the box area. This activity has generated many noise complaints, as well as some opposition to local aviation in general. The strategic report produced by Boyd Group in May 2006 was very clear on the need for the city to manage what could be a good airport-neighbor coexistence, so long as aerobatic noise is managed, and airport growth is constrained; i.e., keep the airport small.

KTCY Tracy Municipal Airport
(310 acres) Tracy, CA

Four Nearby Instrument Airports:
[C83] 12 NW ; [KSCK] 16 NE ; [KLVK] 18 W ;
[KMOD] 23 E ;
(ave. distance: 17 nm)

Total Based Aircraft: 115
(89 single-props, 2 multi-props, 20 gliders & ultralights)
(1 jet, 3 helicopters)
Operations & ATC:
(est. 157 ops/day (34% local) No tower)

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Airport Funding:
Four-year average AIP funding: $150,000 per year. Last AIP was Grant Sequence #15: $76,500 for “Update Airport Master Plan Study [Airport Layout Plan and Narrative Report]”



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  • 6-19-2013AOPA objects to city “playing games” with California runway project
    …The airport in Tracy, CA is 4,002′ but local authorities want to shorten it just a few feet, to 3,997′. The reason: FAA regulations require larger safety zones off the ends of the runway, which costs the airport money. In defense of the airport, Tracy’s residential development has exploded in the last decade, to provide affordable housing for Bay Area workers. Also, there are plenty of other airports in the area with longer runways, even control towers (e.g., Livermore and Stockton).
  • 5-17-2007Tracy keeps eye on aquatic center
    …City of Tracy decided to distribute home-building rights for the addition of 5,500 new homes, in exchange for millions from the developer, to go toward a community aquatic center. The homes would be in the southwest part of Tracy; the aquatic center would be near the departure end of runway 30.
  • 2-16-2007Tracy Airport – Continued Mismanagement Loses Airport Its Only FBO
    …The FBO for 15-years departed owing a year’s rent, moving to Stockton Airport. One of the key recommendations in the May 2006 Boyd Group report was that the city should look at fuel sales so that they could collect some airport revenues. A fuel flowage fee had been imposed. SOURCE: a news article found at TracyAirport.org, and compiled by CPA.
  • 5-31-2006Airport Layout Plan
    …From the AIP-funded Master Plan; shows existing facilities and planned airport improvements.
  • May 2006Strategic Market Position & Future Utilization Analysis
    …The City of Tracy commissioned Boyd Group to do an analysis of the airport. A good document, covering all aspects of this airport and its future. Discusses the generally positive relationship between the community and the airport EXCEPT for aerobatic usage. Also discusses New Jerusalem airport, 8-miles SE of Tracy. Presents that a runway extension is not needed and may jeopardize the relationship with airport neighbors.