[C47] – Portage Municipal Airport

A Wisconsin airport closure is being considered. The airport apparently costs $42K/yr to operate, though it is not clear if other funds (such as the large FAA block grants to Wisconsin) are also expended. There are many private airstrips nearby, and the nearest public airport is KDLL, 12-miles to the west.[C47] VFRmap screencap, showing proximity to KDLL, KMSN [C47] Bing satellite view, showing town of Portage, I-39, Route 16, Wisconsin River
The town’s Common Council had been discussing a new airport location and possible airport consolidation. They sent the issue to the local Airport Commission on October 28. The Airport Commission then went into closed session for 69-minutes to discuss airport closure. At the end of the closed session, the public meeting was reopened and immediately adjourned.

This airport is close in to the town, and a quick online search produces no evidence of a noise or complaint history. It offers a convenient stopover, within walking distance of food, car rentals, and the town. But the airport sees little traffic, and sits on land adjacent to the largest highway interchange in the area.

The accident history is minimal, with no fatalities, and does not indicate any serious safety flaws related to airport layout or design. The runways are minimal, though (60-ft width on longest runway, under 3,800-ft long), especially for the one based jet.