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  • (6/24/2015) Final EA & FONSI-ROD for KCLT OAPM
    (PDF, 402p)
  • (10/27/2014) FAA Sends Plan To Congress To Accelerate Implementation Of NextGen
    ( article by Amanda Vicinanazo) Discusses FAA’s DoT-IG report, MITRE Corp. report, and FAA’s NextGen implementation plan.
  • (7/30/2013) Former aviation director asks judge to dismiss city’s lawsuit over airport control
    (WSOC TV news story, article by Linzi Sheldon) More battling over who shall be the authority for this airport. Aviation Director Jerry Orr sent a July 23rd letter to Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee. The letter was interpreted as a resignation. In the courts, the Judge issued a temporary restraining order to halt any move to a new authority, initially for 10 days.
  • (7/29/2013) FAA’s letter to NC Attorney General and Charlotte City Manager
    (PDF copy of 4-page letter) A letter signed by Christa Fornarotto, Associate Administrator for Airports, spelling out FAA’s concerns related to the transfer of airport authority. Essentially, FAA wants to ensure whomever has authority will assure continued compliance with AIP grant obligations and other federal laws.
  • (4/30/2013) General Assembly of North Carolina, a proposed Bill
    (PDF copy) The proposal, titled: ‘An Act to Create the Charlotte Douglas International Airport Commission under the City of Charlotte’.
  • (6/7/2012) FAA Trying To Address Charlotte Airport Noise Problems
    (WFAE-NPR article by Julie Rose) “New navigation technology implemented two years ago has concentrated the majority of airline departures over a handful of routes, sparking noise complaints from homeowners several miles away.”
  • (6/5/2012) Residents sue Charlotte airport over noise
    The new runway (and new NextGen procedures ) are creating impacts on residents in entirely new areas.
  • (9/11/2010) CLT’s New Noise Issue
    (blog at, by Michael Lowrey) Discusses the new impacts brought on by both the new runway and FAA’s NextGen implementation, as well as FAA’s resistance to fixing the new problems.
  • (4/18/2007) Charlotte has fastest-growing airport in USA
    (USAToday article) Passenger count was up 13% over the year before. Article notes USAirways dominance, and that traffic was stagnating after the USAirways merger with America West, and subsequent route and capacity adjustments. Article also mentions that Charlotte has historically been one of the most expensive airports in the nation.

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