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7/18/2016 – copy ’33 Things that can be done to protect DC-MD-VA neighborhoods from increasing aircraft noise’

(2p) An excellent list, applicable not just to aviation noise impacts near Reagan National [KDCA], but to all U.S. airports. By Mark McEnearney.
7/18/2016 – copy Let’s recognize – Environmental noise is a public health issue

(1p) By Mark McEnearney.
7/18/2016 – screencap DCA Working Group – S Flow DEP later turn noise abatement proposal

An image taken at a presentation, showing side-by-side aerial photos. On the left is the current NextGen SIDs for south flow; on the right is the proposal to proceed/climb further south, over the river, before commencing turns. Note that the proposal essentially reinstates previous noise abatement procedures that were abandoned for NextGen.
7/13/2016 U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen’s letter to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, re NextGen failures
7/9/2016 What’s Happening With Aircraft Noise at DCA?

(4p) Offers excellent charts, depicting the growth in operations at Regan National while the airlines shift away from using Dulles. By Mark McEnearney.
5/24/2016 Bethesda, Cabin John Residents Complain of Increased Airplane Noise

(3p) Article in Bethesda magazine, by Aaron Kraut.
5/10/2016 ‘Van Hollen Urges FAA to Review DCA Flight Path Changes Causing Disruptions for Maryland Residents’

(2p) Press Release by U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen. Includes copy of text from his 5/5/2016 letter to FAA. NOTE: FAA sent a 6/7/2016 response letter; aiREFORM requested a copy from the Congressman’s office.
2/4/2016 United will soon be flying the biggest jets at D.C.’s National Airport

(2p) Article in USA Today, by Ben Mutzabaugh.
7/16/2015 Palisades residents say noise from planes over their houses has gotten worse

Article by Joe Fox, at GreaterGreaterWashington.org. Includes a graphic depicting three arrival routes inbound from the northwest: LDA, River Visual, and RNAV RNP. See also the extensive reader comments.
7/8/2015 Keep It Down! Residents Near Reagan National Bring Noise Complaints To FAA

NPR news story by Martin DiCaro, looks at the evolving noise impacts by KDCA flights. Although Dulles (KIAD) was built to handle the bulk of commercial air service to DC, FAA is sitting idly while the airlines transition to more DCA flights and fewer KIAD flights. Early morning and late night DCA flights are particularly problematic.
7/6/2015 Jet Noise From National Airport Pushes D.C. And Virginia Residents To Sound Off /span>

NPR news story by Martin DiCaro.
NOV 2004 ‘Descriptions of Noise Abatement Procedures (pre-NextGen)

(8p) A portion of the FAR Part 150 Noise Study update, from late 2004. Offers descriptions of then existing noise abatement procedures which were later abandoned with NextGen implementation.
link CAANDC.org website

Citizen group with roots back to the 1970’s. News articles, webpage with KDCA airport history.