Flushing, Queens, NY: a random collection of notes, links, etc.

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5/15/2015 At the Market:
Bill Cunningham, NYTimes photographer, provides a short photo essay about the richness of life in the city when people slow down on Saturdays. Although the images are shot in Manhattan, they certainly reflect the urban humanity in Flushing that is undermined by the lack of aviation noise management.
12/30/2014 Bill Seeking to Make Queens Historic Sites Part of National Park Service Signed into Law:
A News Release from the offices of Congressional Representative Grace Meng.
9/24/2013 North Beach & the Bowery Bay Amusement District:
Before LaGuardia Airport there was a thriving amusement district bigger than Coney Island. Rides and beer halls and lots of happy crowds. This Post at BoweryBoogie.com offers the history and some nice old photos.
2/20/2013 Once Upon A Time There Was A Place Called Adventurers Inn…
Interesting photo essay by Thomas Byrne, reflecting on an amusement park in the Whitestone Expressway area of Flushing, that was shut down in the 1970’s to make way for industrial development.
12/19/2012 Flushing Airport, N.Y.:
Forty years later, Thomas Byrne reflects on a time in 1970 when his dad hired a small plane out of the old Flushing Airport to take the family up for a scenic flight. Nice collection of snapshots, family pictures, notes about local aviation history, and music.