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DATE TITLE – Description
5/26/2010 Highline Forum (final minutes)

4/10/2012 Greener Skies Seattle RNP-ODP’ (presentation by Elizabeth Leavitt, Port of Seattle,

10/18/2012 FAA public meeting re changing flight patterns to be rescheduled’

(1p) SeattleTimes article by Alexa Vaughn
10/31/2012 Final Environmental Assessment for ‘Greener Skies Over Seattle’, Proposed Arrival Procedures

(217p) Vol.1 – Main Document
11/1/2012 Final Environmental Assessment for ‘Greener Skies Over Seattle’

(All chapters and appendices, archived by aiREFORM)
11/13/2012 Meeting about airport noise leaves some dissatisfied’ (Alexa Vaughn, SeattleTimes

1/14/2013 Jet noise jeopardy – Seattle’s skies will soon get quieter — except on Beacon Hill’

(6p) Eric Scigliano’s article in CrossCut
3/7/2013 Sec.225 Progress Report on Greener Skies Project

(7p) report & cover letters by FAA Administrator Huerta, to Schuster, Thune, et al.
10/22/2013 Sec.225 Progress Report on Status of Greener Skies Project

10/24/2013 Part 150 Noise Study Documents, for SeaTac

(All chapters and appendices, archived by aiREFORM)