Danville Regional Airport is in central Virginia, just north of the border with North Carolina. It is roughly seven miles west of the Virginia International Speedway, and is used for general aviation access to racing events. The airport has existed since at least 1948. One record indicates that Piedmont Airlines used to offer six daily flights out of Danville.

The airport has no control tower and sits on 800 acres. It is the home base for 33 civilian aircraft, including 29 single-engine props, and four multi-engine props.

KDAN Danville Regional Airport
(800 acres) Danville, VA

Four Nearby Instrument Airports:
[KTDF] 24 SE ; [W78] 25 E ; [KSIF] 26 W ;
[KBUY] 32 S ;
(ave. distance: 27 nm)

Total Based Aircraft: 33
(29 single-props, 4 multi-props)

Operations & ATC:
(est. 53 ops/day (50% local) No tower)

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Airport Funding:
Four-year average AIP funding: $2,794,506 per year. Last AIP was Grant Sequence #26: $10,179,230 for “Rehabilitate Runway [Transverse Grades/Drainage (fix W Section, LOS, RSA) – CONST Schedule 1] – 02/20”
— Average AIP Subsidy is $145 per operation.



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  • 8-30-2013Danville Regional Airport webpage, at VAHS website
    …A fascinating collection of old records, including FBO brochures, compiled online by the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society.
  • 8-30-2013Victim Identified in Danville Plane Crash
    …The vascular surgeon was also a student pilot. His flight instructor was not on board when the wing clipped the ILS antenna.
  • 3-28-2013Danville Regional Airport Receiving FAA-Required Renovations
    …FAA AIP funds will be used to shorten the runway, regrade the new runway to flatten it and remove a 10-ft tall hump, and seal runway cracks.
  • 9-7-2012Virginia Airport Faces Lengthy Construction Project
    …An article in Flying Magazine. The airport authority has been awarded $10M from FAA for runway improvements. The primary use of this airport is by NetJets, with flights related to events at the nearby Virginia International Raceway. The airport otherwise averages roughly 25-takeoffs per day.
  • 8-30-2012‘Phenomenal improvements’ a win for Danville Regional Airport
    …Airport authorities are disappointed that the size of the runway will be reduced, but overall very pleased that FAA has provided $10M for the improvements. The article notes the runway length would be shortened to accommodate the ILS antenna (which is noted as too close to the runway), and the runway width reduced from 150′ to 100′. One of the airport operators, Mike Rembold at General Aviation, said he is concerned about the impact on his business, which relies heavily on pilots landing to buy jet fuel. “It will hurt my business [during renovations], and I think it will hurt businesses here after the runway is shorter and narrower,” Rembold said, noting that people worked hard in 1998 to have the runway lengthened by 1,500 feet. “They’re [FAA] not looking at the future; it looks like, to me, we’re going a little backward.” Rembold also said those extra 600 feet of runway meant pilots could load more fuel and passengers.
  • June 2009Airport Layout Plan