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  • (8/15/2015) Longmont missing out on Mile-Hi Skydiving lease payments
  • (8/1/2015) Time has come for sensible noise regulations
  • (7/11/2015) Airplane noise plaintiffs file appeal in Longmont-based suit
  • (6/28/2015) With ears to the sky, judge visits 2 homes in Longmont airplane-noise lawsuit
  • (6/22/2015) YOUTUBE: Mile-Hi Skydiving Noise Abuse Over Altona, Colorado
  • (5/22/2015) YOUTUBE: Judge Rules in Favor of Mile Hi Skydiving
  • (5/21/2015) Longmont to hold public meeting addressing noise complaints
  • (4/30/2015) Fighting for quiet skies
  • (4/27/2015) Mile-Hi owner setting meetings with Longmont city council
  • (4/13/2015) Trial opens in lawsuit against Longmont’s Mile-Hi Skydiving over noise complaints
  • (3/28/2015) Room for compromise
  • (2/15/2015) Longmont’s Vance Brand Municipal Airport: Labeling some complaints ‘invalid’ sparks furor
  • (8/27/2104) A pilot speaks out to call more balance at Vance Brand
  • (8/14/2014) 85 square miles of noise nuisance
  • (7/24/2014) The risks and costs of complaining
  • (7/17/2014) YOUTUBE: Mile-Hi Skydiving Noise Nuisance, Longmont, Colorado
  • (7/4/2014) Sounds like a weekend war zone
  • (11/20/2013) Recommended: Denial of Independent Skydive Company’s Landing Zone Near Boulder
  • (10/28/2013) Quiet Skies to sue Mile-Hi Skydiving over noise above Longmont
  • (10/11/2013) Owner of Mile-Hi Skydiving, refuses to negotiate reductions to excessive skydiving noise over #Longmont
  • (8/24/2013) YOUTUBE: Excessive Noise from Mile Hi Skydiving of Longmont, Colorado
  • (10/15/12) More plane noise coming
  • (6/9/2012) Longmont’s “Quiet Skies” rumbles over prank “I Love Airplane Noise” bumper stickers, notes mailed to activists
  • (5/22/2012) Airplane noise is no joke
  • (12/20/2011) FAA not sole arbiter on noise
  • (12/13/2011) No easy fix for skydiving noise in, around Longmont


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