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  • (9/11/2015) FAA stalls replacement of control tower at Sacramento airport
    The airport wants to enable construction of a hotel near the new Terminal B, but the hotel would block the view for the 150-ft tall control tower. So, local officials are campaigning for FAA to build a relocated tower for $60 Million. FAA is refusing to build, and spinning the situation to try and get more money from Congress.
  • (4/10/2012) Sacramento County approves incentives to land Virgin America at airport
    …Airport authorities are offering Virgin America up to $400,000 if they will open passenger service out of KSMF. The response: “Virgin America has indicated the county airport system’s level of economic incentive is significantly below what is required to offset the initial business risks associated with starting service in Sacramento, and is dramatically below the level of incentives offered by other communities.”
  • (4/1/2011) Six-foot hole opens in 737 during flight
    …A Southwest flight from Phoenix to Sacramento suddenly decompressed when the fuselage split open near Yuma, AZ. the damaged area was related to airworthiness directives that were the core subject at the 4/3/08 Congressional Hearings about FAA managers aiding the airlines to ignore deadlines for critical safety repairs.

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