REFERENCE:Skydive Oregon Airport, Molalla, OR


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Articles and other relevant information/records are listed below, in reverse-chronological order. The target of the link is noted in orange; click on the date (if blue) to view the article/record. If the link is no longer active, archived PDF copies may be available by contacting aiREFORM.com.
Letter to Editor at Molalla Pioneer
(PDF, letter to editor by Donald Melka).A distant neighbor (&+ miles from the jump airport) expresses his displeasure with the climb noise.NOTES: The headline was added by the editor, and contradicts the concerns raised by Mr. Melka.
Letter from Skydive to FAA
(PDF, FAA record obtained via FOIA).This is the annual letter required so that air traffic controller’s may be briefed on what to expect from the skydive operator. This is especially important at Molalla due to the conflict with the MOXEE arrival (PDX arrivals from the south).
Letter of Agreement signed by Joe Weber and John Coppinger
(PDF, from FAA, Portland TRACON).One of the earliest documents, establishing the climbs east of the Molalla River, and requiring Skydive’s pilots to notify FAA/ATC prior to climbs and other actions. This agreement was struck to reduce conflicts with aircraft being controlled by Portland TRACON.

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