The aiR List of Airports .. (626 airports; 512 towers)

The list below presents all control towers commonly used to provide civilian air traffic control services in the 48 contiguous United States. Data was compiled from FAA records, Form 5010’s, and the 2012 USCTA Annual Report. This list presents 512 total control towers: (260) FAA towers, (236) federal contract towers, (12) military towers, and (4) non-federal contract towers. As of 10/3/13, an additional 114 non-towered airports were included in this list, for a total of 626 airports.
Just to put it in context, FAA states there are 19,786 airport facilities, of which 5,171 are public use airports, and 3,355 are listed as part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS). Thus, the 626 airports listed are a small fraction of the U.S. public-use airport system.
The data presented in this list includes the airport code, the location, the activity level, and the type/hours for the control tower (if any). Data has been grouped by State, ranked by average daily tower operations.
A few of the useful features presented here include:
  • the Airport Code box is color-coded to show FAA towers (orange border), FCT towers (Federal Contract Tower Program, green border), Military towers (blue border), and non-towered airports (beige background).
  • dwell over the Airport Code box and a text-box reveals the official airport name, as well as the numbers and type of based aircraft.
  • click on the Airport Code box and the webpage for the airport will open.
  • OEP-35 Airports are identified with large text and a yellow box.
  • the diamond that separates the average daily operations from ATC hours/day also serves as a link to the aiREFORM airport page (if available); dwell/click to access those pages that have been linked.
  • a statistic (in red) is added for all airports with 33% or more local traffic.

NPIAS 2012 Overview … a link to FAA’s NPIAS report


BHMBirmingham(ave. 281 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MOBMobile(ave. 240 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
HSVHuntsville(ave. 221 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
DHNDothan(ave. 200 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
BFMMobile(ave. 198 daily ops19hr Contract Tower)
MGMMontgomery(ave. 167 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
TCLTuscaloosa(ave. 148 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(37% local)
DCUDecatur(est. 94 daily opsNo Tower)


ANCAnchorage(ave. 742 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)


PHXPhoenix(ave. 1,229 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DVTPhoenix(ave. 869 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(60% local)
PRCPrescott(ave. 668 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(67% local)
FFZMesa(ave. 628 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(51% local)
NYLYuma(ave. 525 daily ops15hr Military Tower)
IWAPhoenix(ave. 469 daily ops19hr Contract Tower)(52% local)
CHDChandler(ave. 443 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(62% local)
SDLScottsdale(ave. 388 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)
GYRGoodyear(ave. 376 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(58% local)
1G4Peach Springs(est. 357 daily opsNo Tower)
TUSTucson(ave. 353 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CGZCasa Grande(est. 328 daily opsNo Tower)
RYNTucson(ave. 315 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(60% local)
GCNTusayan(ave. 274 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)
GEUGlendale(ave. 239 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(68% local)
FLGFlagstaff(ave. 139 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(56% local)
IFPBullhead City(ave. 63 daily ops10hr Contract Tower)(35% local)


LITLittle Rock(ave. 300 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ASGSpringdale(ave. 171 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(45% local)
ARGWalnut Ridge(est. 168 daily opsNo Tower)(88% local)
FSMFort Smith(ave. 114 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
XNABentonville(ave. 113 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
ROGRogers(ave. 88 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
FYVFayetteville(ave. 79 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
TXKTexarkana(ave. 76 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)


LAXLos Angeles(ave. 1,662 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
VNYVan Nuys(ave. 1,381 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
SFOSan Francisco(ave. 1,179 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LGBLong Beach(ave. 744 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(49% local)
SNASanta Ana(ave. 726 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
OAKOakland(ave. 597 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SANSan Diego(ave. 552 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PAOPalo Alto(ave. 516 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(60% local)
SEEEl Cajon(ave. 506 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(60% local)
MYFSan Diego(ave. 502 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(48% local)
TOATorrance(ave. 474 daily ops13hr FAA Tower)(44% local)
SMOSanta Monica(ave. 452 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)
CNOChino(ave. 451 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(62% local)
SBASanta Barbara(ave. 393 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
CRQCarlsbad(ave. 377 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)
FATFresno(ave. 371 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SJCSan Jose(ave. 369 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
BURBurbank(ave. 366 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CMACamarillo(ave. 363 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(48% local)
SQLSan Carlos(ave. 350 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
SMFSacramento(ave. 343 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LVKLivermore(ave. 340 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(60% local)
BFLBakersfield(ave. 321 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(45% local)
WHPLos Angeles(ave. 318 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
POCLa Verne(ave. 317 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(46% local)
RHVSan Jose(ave. 300 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(62% local)
RNMRamona(ave. 284 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(68% local)
WVIWatsonville(est. 282 daily opsNo Tower)(37% local)
VCBVacaville(est. 278 daily opsNo Tower)(39% local)
SDMSan Diego(ave. 277 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
RDDRedding(ave. 269 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(45% local)
CCRConcord(ave. 257 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(44% local)
SACSacramento(ave. 252 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
EMTEl Monte(ave. 245 daily ops12hr FAA Tower)(58% local)
HWDHayward(ave. 236 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(49% local)
SBPSan Luis Obispo(ave. 229 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(37% local)
MHRSacramento(ave. 226 daily ops24hr Contract Tower)
ONTOntario(ave. 226 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
WJFLancaster(ave. 224 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
HHRHawthorne(ave. 220 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
STSSanta Rosa(ave. 214 daily ops13hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
SNSSalinas(ave. 213 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(45% local)
MERAtwater(ave. 198 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
RALRiverside(ave. 197 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
PMDPalmdale(ave. 176 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)
VCVVictorville(ave. 173 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
TCYTracy(est. 164 daily opsNo Tower)(34% local)
FULFullerton(ave. 160 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
PSPPalm Springs(ave. 159 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
MRYMonterey(ave. 158 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)
OXROxnard(ave. 149 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(48% local)
APCNapa(ave. 148 daily ops13hr FAA Tower)(41% local)
SCKStockton(ave. 141 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
CICChico(ave. 133 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
ACVArcata/Eureka(est. 132 daily opsNo Tower)
SMXSanta Maria(ave. 131 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
MODModesto(ave. 116 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
OVEOroville(est. 99 daily opsNo Tower)(40% local)
IYKInyokern(est. 78 daily opsNo Tower)(56% local)
CECCrescent City(est. 34 daily opsNo Tower)(49% local)
MMHMammoth Lakes(est. 22 daily opsNo Tower)


DENDenver(ave. 1,738 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
APAEnglewood(ave. 775 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(44% local)
PUBPueblo(ave. 454 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(51% local)
COSColorado Springs(ave. 420 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
GXYGreeley(est. 392 daily opsNo Tower)(59% local)
BJCBroomfield(ave. 333 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(50% local)
FNLFort Collins/Loveland(est. 294 daily opsNo Tower)(37% local)
FTGDenver(ave. 166 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(56% local)
GJTGrand Junction(ave. 140 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BDUBoulder(est. 138 daily opsNo Tower)(86% local)
ASEAspen(ave. 101 daily ops13hr FAA Tower)
EGEEagle(ave. 100 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
DRODurango(est. 79 daily opsNo Tower)(34% local)
MTJMontrose(est. 72 daily opsNo Tower)(37% local)
HDNHayden(est. 26 daily opsNo Tower)


BDLWindsor Locks(ave. 294 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
HFDHartford(ave. 223 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
DXRDanbury(ave. 190 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
BDRBridgeport(ave. 186 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
OXCOxford(ave. 131 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
HVNNew Haven(ave. 114 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(42% local)
GONGroton (New London)(ave. 98 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)


ILGWilmington(154 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
EVYMiddletown(est. 85 daily opsNo Tower)(60% local)

District of Columbia:

IADWashington(ave. 1,054 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DCAWashington(ave. 785 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)


MIAMiami(ave. 1,071 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MCOOrlando(ave. 846 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SFBSanford(ave. 835 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(58% local)
FLLFort Lauderdale(ave. 786 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DABDaytona Beach(ave. 782 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SRQSarasota(ave. 592 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
TPATampa(ave. 583 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MLBMelbourne(ave. 544 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)(46% local)
FPRFort Pierce(ave. 537 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(53% local)
TMBMiami(ave. 531 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(39% local)
XFLPalm Coast(ave. 520 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
PMPPompano Beach(ave. 465 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(69% local)
CRGJacksonville(ave. 435 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
VRBVero Beach(ave. 421 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(53% local)
ISMKissimmee(ave. 412 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(48% local)
FXEFort Lauderdale(ave. 410 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(78% local)
TIXTitusville(ave. 377 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(52% local)
PIESt. Petersburg – Clearwater(ave. 374 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(41% local)
SGJSt. Augustine(ave. 372 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(48% local)
PBIWest Palm Beach(ave. 367 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
EVBNew Smyrna Beach(ave. 359 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(65% local)
OMNOrmond Beach(ave. 348 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(54% local)
LNAWest Palm Beach(est. 347 daily opsNo Tower)(75% local)
OPFMiami(ave. 331 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(42% local)
SUAStuart(ave. 330 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(44% local)
HWOHollywood(ave. 322 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(61% local)
PNSPensacola(ave. 320 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
LEELeesburg(ave. 312 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(55% local)
ORLOrlando(ave. 283 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(36% local)
FMYFort Myers(ave. 259 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
VDFTampa(est. 259 daily opsNo Tower)(53% local)
SPGSt. Petersburg(ave. 257 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
JAXJacksonville(ave. 253 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
APFNaples(ave. 238 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
VQQJacksonville(ave. 224 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
RSWFort Meyers(ave. 217 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
BKVBrooksville(ave. 214 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(51% local)
LALLakeland(ave. 208 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
PGDPunta Gorda(ave. 205 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(72% local)
TLHTallahassee(ave. 190 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
GNVGainesville(ave. 182 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
EYWKey West(ave. 172 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
VPSValparaiso(est. 156 daily ops24hr Military Tower)
BCTBoca Raton(ave. 133 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
ECPPanama City(ave. 130 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
OCFOcala(ave. 52 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(78% local)
2ISClewiston(est. 32 daily opsNo Tower)


ATLAtlanta(ave. 2,549 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PDKAtlanta(ave. 554 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
FTYAtlanta(ave. 342 daily ops24hr Contract Tower)(37% local)
SAVSavannah(ave. 250 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
FFCAtlanta(est. 205 daily opsNo Tower)(45% local)
RYYAtlanta(ave. 169 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
LZULawrenceville(ave. 167 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
ABYAlbany(ave. 96 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
AHNAthens(ave. 84 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
AGSAugusta(ave. 69 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
BQKBrunswick(est. 67 daily opsNo Tower)(33% local)
CSGColumbus(ave. 65 daily ops12hr FAA Tower)
MCNMacon(ave. 64 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
VLDValdosta(ave. 52 daily ops16hr Non-Fed Tower)


HNLHonolulu(ave. 758 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LIHLihue(ave. 423 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
OGGKahului(ave. 340 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
JRFKapolei(ave. 326 daily ops16hr Military Tower)(66% local)
KOAKailua-Kona(ave. 320 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(34% local)
ITOHilo(ave. 237 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
MKKKaunakakai(ave. 90 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)
LNYLanai City(est. 17 daily opsNo Tower)


EULCaldwell(est. 403 daily opsNo Tower)(75% local)
COECoeur d’Alene(est. 337 daily opsNo Tower)
BOIBoise(ave. 309 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SUNHailey(ave. 121 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
IDAIdaho Falls(ave. 105 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(41% local)
PIHPocatello(ave. 99 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
LWSLewiston(ave. 96 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
TWFTwin Falls(ave. 93 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)


ORDChicago(ave. 2,408 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MDWChicago(ave. 707 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LOTRomeoville(est. 285 daily opsNo Tower)(58% local)
PWKWheeling(ave. 258 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
DPAWest Chicago(ave. 246 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(35% local)
CPSCahokia(ave. 245 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(34% local)
MDHCarbondale(ave. 215 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(64% local)
ARRAurora(ave. 206 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(46% local)
CMISavoy(ave. 153 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(52% local)
UGNWaukegan(ave. 147 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(45% local)
MLIMoline(ave. 135 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
PIAPeoria(ave. 129 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DECDecatur(ave. 127 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
RFDRockford(ave. 113 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SPISpringfield(ave. 105 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
ALNAlton/St. Louis(ave. 100 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(55% local)
MWAMarion(ave. 88 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
BMIBloomington-Normal(ave. 78 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BLVBelleville(ave. 76 daily ops24hr Military Tower)(39% local)


INDIndianapolis(ave. 437 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LAFLafayette(ave. 266 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(67% local)
VPZValparaiso(est. 191 daily opsNo Tower)(55% local)
HUFTerra Haute(ave. 120 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(48% local)
EVVEvansville(ave. 113 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
BAKColumbus(ave. 111 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
FWAFort Wayne(ave. 111 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SBNSouth Bend(ave. 106 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
GYYGary(ave. 84 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)(34% local)
MIEMuncie(ave. 71 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BMGBloomington(ave. 61 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(35% local)


DSMDes Moines(ave. 235 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CIDCedar Rapids(ave. 153 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
IKVAnkeny(est. 133 daily opsNo Tower)(40% local)
DBQDubuque(ave. 118 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(46% local)
MCWMason City(est. 91 daily opsNo Tower)(36% local)
ALOWaterloo(ave. 79 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)
SUXSioux City(ave. 51 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(60% local)


ICTWichita(ave. 456 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SLNSalina(ave. 268 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(58% local)
EWKNewton(est. 178 daily opsNo Tower)(59% local)
TOPTopeka(ave. 159 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
OJCOlathe(ave. 143 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(38% local)
IXDOlathe(ave. 127 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
HUTHutchinson(ave. 98 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(53% local)
FOETopeka(ave. 68 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
MHKManhattan(ave. 64 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(33% local)
GCKGarden City(ave. 42 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)


SDFLouisville(ave. 411 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CVGCovington(ave. 385 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LOULouisville(ave. 204 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(45% local)
LEXLexington(ave. 183 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BWGBowling Green(est. 171 daily opsNo Tower)(52% local)
OWBOwensboro(ave. 101 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
PAHPaducah(ave. 88 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)(33% local)


MSYMetairie(ave. 360 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ASDSlidell(est. 307 daily opsNo Tower)(70% local)
HUMHouma(ave. 243 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)
BTRBaton Rouge(ave. 219 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
HDCHammond(est. 210 daily opsNo Tower)(49% local)
NEWNew Orleans(ave. 184 daily ops10hr FAA Tower)
DTNShreveport(ave. 177 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(53% local)
LFTLafayette(ave. 174 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(35% local)
SHVShreveport(ave. 140 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LCHLake Charles(ave. 138 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
MLUMonroe(ave. 116 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
AEXAlexandria(ave. 104 daily ops24hr Military Tower)
CWFLake Charles(ave. 55 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
ARANew Iberia(ave. 30 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(40% local)


SFMSanford(est. 217 daily opsNo Tower)(60% local)
PWMPortland(ave. 167 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
RKDRockland(est. 151 daily opsNo Tower)
BGRBangor(ave. 117 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PQIPresque Isle(est. 12 daily opsNo Tower)


BWIBaltimore(ave. 734 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ADWCamp Springs(ave. 575 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
FDKFrederick(ave. 276 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
MTNBaltimore(ave. 204 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
HGRHagerstown(ave. 151 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(34% local)
ESNEaston(ave. 136 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(53% local)
SBYSalisbury(ave. 125 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)


BOSBoston(ave. 881 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BEDBedford(ave. 447 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(40% local)
ACKNantucket(ave. 331 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
HYAHyannis(ave. 281 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
OWDNorwood(ave. 273 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
PVCProvincetown(est. 207 daily opsNo Tower)
BVYBeverly(ave. 183 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(48% local)
LWMLawrence(ave. 181 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(53% local)
EWBNew Bedford(ave. 157 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
BAFWestfield/Springfield(ave. 156 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(42% local)
ORHWorcester(ave. 131 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
MVYVineyard Haven(ave. 109 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)


DTWDetroit(ave. 1,200 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PTKPontiac(ave. 327 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(41% local)
GRRGrand Rapids(ave. 240 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
TVCTraverse City(ave. 230 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(40% local)
YIPBelleville(ave. 202 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(45% local)
BTLBattle Creek(ave. 191 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(41% local)
DETDetroit(ave. 169 daily ops24hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
ARBAnn Arbor(ave. 161 daily ops12hr FAA Tower)(64% local)
JXNJackson(ave. 156 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(56% local)
AZOKalamazoo(ave. 126 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(38% local)
FNTFlint(ave. 115 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
LANLansing(ave. 110 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MKGMuskegon(ave. 96 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(45% local)
MBSSaginaw(ave. 71 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
SAWMarquette(ave. 58 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
CMXHancock(est. 44 daily opsNo Tower)
PLNPellston(est. 28 daily opsNo Tower)
CIUSault Ste Marie(est. 7 daily opsNo Tower)


MSPMinneapolis(ave. 1,164 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ANEMinneapolis(ave. 536 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(57% local)
MICCrystal(ave. 514 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(59% local)
STPSt. Paul(ave. 435 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
FCMEden Prairie(ave. 341 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(53% local)
MKTMankato(est. 234 daily opsNo Tower)(60% local)
DLHDuluth(ave. 162 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(35% local)
INLInternational Falls(est. 109 daily opsNo Tower)
BRDBrainerd(est. 101 daily opsNo Tower)
RSTRochester(ave. 90 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
STCSt. Cloud(ave. 87 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
HIBHibbing(est. 83 daily opsNo Tower)
BJIBemidji(est. 36 daily opsNo Tower)


GPTGulfport(ave. 201 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
UOXOxford(est. 180 daily opsNo Tower)(62% local)
OLVOlive Branch(ave. 177 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(55% local)
HSABay St. Louis(ave. 174 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
MEIMeridian(ave. 166 daily ops16hr Military Tower)
JANJackson(ave. 162 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
TUPTupelo(ave. 141 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(36% local)
PIBMoselle(est. 103 daily opsNo Tower)
HKSJackson(ave. 102 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(41% local)
GTRColumbus(ave. 93 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
GLHGreenville(ave. 83 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
UTATunica(est. 28 daily opsNo Tower)
NMMMeridian(ave. no data daily ops16hr FAA Tower)


STLSt. Louis(ave. 525 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MCIKansas City(ave. 355 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SUSSt. Louis(ave. 317 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(37% local)
RCMWarrensburg(est. 203 daily opsNo Tower)(85% local)
MKCKansas City(ave. 201 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SGFSpringfield(ave. 122 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
JEFJefferson City(ave. 69 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(36% local)
COUColumbia(ave. 67 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
JLNJoplin(ave. 66 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
STJSt. Joseph(ave. 62 daily ops12hr Military Tower)
BBGBranson(ave. 21 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)


BILBillings(ave. 237 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BZNBozeman(ave. 223 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
GTFGreat Falls(ave. 114 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
HLNHelena(ave. 106 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
MSOMissoula(ave. 100 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(37% local)
GPIKalispell(ave. 75 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BTMButte(est. 66 daily opsNo Tower)


OMAOmaha(ave. 277 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LNKLincoln(ave. 199 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
MLEOmaha(est. 198 daily opsNo Tower)(53% local)
GRIGrand Island(ave. 67 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)


LASLas Vegas(ave. 1,445 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
VGTLas Vegas(ave. 371 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(51% local)
BVUBoulder City(est. 274 daily opsNo Tower)
CXPCarson City(est. 229 daily opsNo Tower)(46% local)
RNOReno(ave. 227 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
HNDHenderson(ave. 195 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
RTSReno(est. 194 daily opsNo Tower)(59% local)
EKOElko(est. 54 daily opsNo Tower)

New Hampshire:

ASHNashua(ave. 181 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(54% local)
MHTManchester(ave. 175 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CONConcord(est. 164 daily opsNo Tower)(33% local)
PSMPortsmouth(ave. 109 daily ops24hr Non-Fed Tower)(61% local)
LEBLebanon(ave. 98 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(35% local)

New Jersey:

EWRNewark(ave. 1,153 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
TEBTeterboro(ave. 434 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
TTNTrenton(ave. 232 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(45% local)
ACYAtlantic City(ave. 205 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CDWCaldwell(ave. 204 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
MMUMorristown(ave. 199 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
BLMBelmar/Farmingdale(est. 157 daily opsNo Tower)(70% local)

New mexico:

AEGAlbuquerque(ave. 360 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(66% local)
ABQAlbuquerque(ave. 338 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LRULas Cruces(est. 189 daily opsNo Tower)
SAFSanta Fe(ave. 179 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(74% local)
FMNFarmington(ave. 124 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
ROWRoswell(ave. 73 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)
HOBHobbs(ave. 32 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)

New York:

JFKNew York(ave. 1,188 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LGANew York(ave. 1,002 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
FOKWesthampton Beach(ave. 712 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
FRGFarmingdale(ave. 571 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(44% local)
HPNWhite Plains(ave. 441 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
ALBAlbany(ave. 396 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ISPRonkonkoma(ave. 384 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(49% local)
BUFCheektowaga(ave. 356 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MGJMontgomery(est. 329 daily opsNo Tower)(41% local)
ROCRochester(ave. 246 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
POUWappingers Falls(ave. 221 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(53% local)
SYRSyracuse(ave. 197 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
RMERome(ave. 144 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(51% local)
ITHIthaca(ave. 114 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(51% local)
SWFNewburgh(ave. 102 daily ops24hr Contract Tower)
HTOEast Hampton(ave. 87 daily ops16hr Non-Fed Tower)
ELMElmira/Corning(ave. 77 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(34% local)
IAGNiagara Falls(ave. 69 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BGMBinghamton(ave. 59 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
PBGPlattsburgh(est. 33 daily opsNo Tower)
3C8Calverton(est. unknown daily opsNo Tower)

North Carolina:

CLTCharlotte(ave. 1,478 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
RDURaleigh/Durham(ave. 296 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
GSOGreensboro(ave. 257 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SUTOak Island(est. 211 daily opsNo Tower)(39% local)
JNXSmithfield(est. 201 daily opsNo Tower)(55% local)
AVLAsheville(ave. 175 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
JQFConcord(ave. 166 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
FAYFayetteville(ave. 138 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PGVGreenville(est. 132 daily opsNo Tower)
ILMWilmington(ave. 124 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
HKYHickory(ave. 111 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
INTWinston Salem(ave. 106 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
OAJJacksonville(est. 106 daily opsNo Tower)
EWNNew Bern(ave. 86 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(44% local)
ISOKinston(ave. 51 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)

North Dakota:

GFKGrand Forks(ave. 967 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(66% local)
FARFargo(ave. 214 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
MOTMinot(ave. 135 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
BISBismarck(ave. 134 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
ISNWilliston(est. 109 daily opsNo Tower)
DIKDickinson(est. 29 daily opsNo Tower)


CLECleveland(ave. 515 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CMHColumbus(ave. 367 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BJJWooster(est. 264 daily opsNo Tower)(57% local)
TDZToledo(est. 248 daily opsNo Tower)(64% local)
CAKAkron(ave. 220 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
TZRColumbus(ave. 204 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(57% local)
OSUColumbus(ave. 187 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
CGFCleveland(ave. 185 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
BKLCleveland(ave. 176 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
DAYDayton(ave. 176 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LUKCincinnati(ave. 167 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
TOLToledo(ave. 126 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
LCKColumbus(ave. 108 daily ops24hr Military Tower)
YNGVienna(ave. 107 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
MFDMansfield(ave. 53 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)


OKCOklahoma City(ave. 646 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
RVSTulsa(ave. 554 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(51% local)
TULTulsa(ave. 292 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SWOStillwater(ave. 209 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(50% local)
PWAOklahoma City(ave. 192 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
OUNNorman(ave. 135 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(44% local)
ADMArdmore(ave. 125 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
WDGEnid(ave. 99 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
LAWLawton(ave. 93 daily ops11hr Contract Tower)


HIOHillsboro(ave. 695 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(63% local)
PDXPortland(ave. 591 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
TTDTroutdale(ave. 288 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(67% local)
UAOAurora(est. 221 daily opsNo Tower)(35% local)
SPBScappoose(est. 207 daily opsNo Tower)(40% local)
EUGEugene(ave. 189 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
MMVMcMinnville(est. 174 daily opsNo Tower)(35% local)
SLESalem(ave. 145 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(33% local)
RDMRedmond(ave. 122 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
MFRMedford(ave. 113 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(43% local)
LMTKlamath Falls(ave. 97 daily ops15hr Military Tower)
4S9Mulino(est. 58 daily opsNo Tower)(61% local)
OTHNorth Bend(ave. 50 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
PDTPendleton(ave. 33 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
OL05Molalla(est. 2 daily opsNo Tower)(67% local)


PHLPhiladelphia(ave. 1,532 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PITPittsburgh(ave. 385 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
ABEAllentown(ave. 274 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(47% local)
LNSLancaster(ave. 247 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
RDGReading(ave. 221 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(46% local)
BTPButler(est. 204 daily opsNo Tower)(81% local)
AGCPittsburgh(ave. 185 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PNEPhiladelphia(ave. 180 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(57% local)
OQNWest Chester(est. 164 daily opsNo Tower)(58% local)
MDTMiddletown(ave. 154 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MQSCoatesville(est. 142 daily opsNo Tower)(39% local)
UNVState College(ave. 110 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
CXYHarrisburg(ave. 108 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(46% local)
AVPAvoca(ave. 106 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LBELatrobe(ave. 78 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
ERIErie(ave. 71 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
AOOAltoona(est. 65 daily opsNo Tower)
IPTWilliamsport(ave. 56 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)

Rhode Island:

PVDProvidence(ave. 221 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
OQUNorth Kingstown(ave. 87 daily ops15hr Military Tower)(58% local)
WSTWesterly(est. 53 daily opsNo Tower)

South Carolina:

MYRMyrtle Beach(ave. 316 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
CHSCharleston(ave. 280 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
GMUGreenville(ave. 173 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(33% local)
GSPGreer(ave. 161 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
CAEWest Columbia(ave. 145 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SPASpartanburg(est. 145 daily opsNo Tower)(35% local)
CREMyrtle Beach(ave. 128 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
HXDHilton Head Island(ave. 91 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
GYHGreenville(ave. 60 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
FLOFlorence(ave. 45 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)

South Dakota:

FSDSioux Falls(ave. 185 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
ABRAberdeen(est. 128 daily opsNo Tower)
RAPRapid City(ave. 109 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
PIRPierre(est. 88 daily opsNo Tower)


MEMMemphis(ave. 712 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BNANashville(ave. 474 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
TYSKnoxville(ave. 377 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MQYSmyrna(ave. 215 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
JWNNashville(est. 210 daily opsNo Tower)(33% local)
DKXKnoxville(est. 187 daily opsNo Tower)(53% local)
TRIBristol(ave. 145 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
CHAChattanooga(ave. 137 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
NQAMillington(ave. 63 daily ops20hr Contract Tower)
MKLJackson(ave. 62 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)


DFWDallas-Ft. Worth(ave. 1,780 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
IAHHouston(ave. 1,496 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DWHHouston(ave. 650 daily ops15hr FAA Tower)(58% local)
HOUHouston(ave. 566 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DALDallas(ave. 486 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SATSan Antonio(ave. 486 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
AUSAustin(ave. 472 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
DTODenton(ave. 433 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(58% local)
SSFSan Antonio(ave. 430 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(64% local)
AFWFort Worth(ave. 377 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(41% local)
GTUGeorgetown(ave. 350 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(66% local)
HQZMesquite(est. 329 daily opsNo Tower)(50% local)
HYISan Marcos(ave. 326 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(65% local)
SPSWichita Falls(est. 288 daily ops16 No Tower)
IWSHouston(est. 282 daily opsNo Tower)(68% local)
SJTSan Angelo(ave. 270 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
GPMGrand Prairie(ave. 268 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(58% local)
ADSAddison(ave. 267 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
ELPEl Paso(ave. 260 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
FTWFort Worth(ave. 238 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)(35% local)
TKIDallas(ave. 229 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(63% local)
CXOHouston(ave. 219 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(58% local)
LBBLubbock(ave. 215 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
GKYArlington(ave. 203 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(41% local)
AMAAmarillo(ave. 194 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
CRPCorpus Christi(ave. 193 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
RBDDallas(ave. 173 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(55% local)
MAFMidland(ave. 171 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
GLSGalveston(ave. 167 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)
FWSFort Worth(ave. 162 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(59% local)
LRDLaredo(ave. 158 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
CLLCollege Station(ave. 147 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)
ABIAbilene(ave. 142 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MFEMcAllen(ave. 140 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
TYRTyler(ave. 133 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
CNWWaco(ave. 131 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(52% local)
VCTVictoria(ave. 125 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
SGRHouston(ave. 115 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(57% local)
GGGLongview(ave. 112 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
BROBrownsville(ave. 102 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
HRLHarlingen(ave. 100 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
ACTWaco(ave. 96 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)
BAZNew Braunfels(ave. 71 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(38% local)
BPTBeaumont / Port Arthur(ave. 68 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
DRTDel Rio(est. 44 daily opsNo Tower)
GRKKilleen(est. 31 daily ops24 No Tower)


SLCSalt Lake City(ave. 898 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
PVUProvo(ave. 471 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(66% local)
OGDOgden(ave. 175 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)
SGUSt. George(est. 151 daily opsNo Tower)(73% local)
ENVWendover(est. 16 daily opsNo Tower)


BTVBurlington(ave. 193 daily ops19hr FAA Tower)
RUTRutland(est. 87 daily opsNo Tower)(41% local)


HEFManassas(ave. 383 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
PHFNewport News(ave. 305 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
JYOLeesburg(est. 303 daily opsNo Tower)(87% local)
RICRichmond(ave. 251 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
LYHLynchburg(ave. 235 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(41% local)
ORFVirginia Beach(ave. 229 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
CHOCharlottesville(ave. 207 daily ops17hr Contract Tower)
ROARoanoke(ave. 152 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
SHDWeyers Cave(est. 49 daily opsNo Tower)


SEASeattle(ave. 862 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
BFISeattle(ave. 526 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
S50Auburn(est. 450 daily opsNo Tower)(36% local)
S43Snohomish(est. 381 daily opsNo Tower)(64% local)
AWOArlington(est. 367 daily opsNo Tower)(57% local)
PAEEverett(ave. 311 daily ops14hr FAA Tower)(46% local)
PLUPuyallup(est. 274 daily opsNo Tower)(34% local)
RNTRenton(ave. 221 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(55% local)
TIWTacoma(ave. 216 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(40% local)
BLIBellingham(ave. 187 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
GEGSpokane(ave. 184 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MWHMoses Lake(ave. 163 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(34% local)
SFFSpokane(ave. 156 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(44% local)
CLMPort Angeles(est. 155 daily opsNo Tower)(48% local)
VUOVancouver(est. 146 daily opsNo Tower)(34% local)
PSCPasco(ave. 138 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)(33% local)
FHRFriday Harbor(est. 134 daily opsNo Tower)(42% local)
OLMOlympia(ave. 131 daily ops12hr Contract Tower)(49% local)
SHNShelton(est. 121 daily opsNo Tower)
ORSEastsound(est. 114 daily opsNo Tower)(36% local)
EATEast Wenatchee(est. 110 daily opsNo Tower)(62% local)
YKMYakima(ave. 102 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(35% local)
PUWPullman(est. 80 daily opsNo Tower)(41% local)
ALWWalla Walla(ave. 68 daily ops13hr Contract Tower)(49% local)

West Virginia:

CRWCharleston(ave. 313 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
MRBMartinsburg(ave. 144 daily ops16hr Military Tower)
HLGWheeling(ave. 128 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(63% local)
MGWMorgantown(ave. 115 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(38% local)
PKBParkersburg(ave. 101 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)
CKBBridgeport(ave. 97 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
LWBLewisburg(ave. 66 daily ops10hr Contract Tower)
HTSHuntington(ave. 44 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)


MKEMilwaukee(ave. 425 daily ops24hr FAA Tower)
OSHOshkosh(ave. 249 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)(47% local)
MSNMadison(ave. 228 daily ops17hr FAA Tower)
GRBGreen Bay(ave. 188 daily ops18hr FAA Tower)(34% local)
FLDFond du Lac(est. 173 daily opsNo Tower)(56% local)
SBMSheboygan(est. 170 daily opsNo Tower)(45% local)
UESWaukesha(ave. 155 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
ENWKenosha(ave. 149 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(44% local)
JVLJanesville(ave. 141 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(46% local)
ATWAppleton(ave. 93 daily ops18hr Contract Tower)
MWCMilwaukie(ave. 89 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)(37% local)
LSELa Crosse(ave. 72 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)(39% local)
EAUEau Claire(ave. 68 daily ops15hr Contract Tower)
RHIRhinelander(est. 68 daily opsNo Tower)(48% local)
CWAMosinee(ave. 42 daily ops16hr Contract Tower)


CYSCheyenne(ave. 142 daily ops16hr Military Tower)
CPRCasper(ave. 121 daily ops16hr FAA Tower)
CODCody(est. 104 daily opsNo Tower)(53% local)
SHRSheridan(est. 101 daily opsNo Tower)(38% local)
JACJackson(ave. 70 daily ops14hr Contract Tower)
GCCGillette(ave. 53 daily ops16hr Non-Fed Tower)
RKSRock Springs(est. 39 daily opsNo Tower)
RIWRiverton(est. 17 daily opsNo Tower)