ANALYSIS: 2014-05-31.. Gulfstream IV-SP Crash on Takeoff, at KBED

20140531.. KBED crash, aerial view of fire damageSeven people were killed when a Gulfstream IV-SP crashed on takeoff from Hanscom Field Airport [KBED] in Bedford, MA at 9:40PM. Flightaware shows the aircraft had flown in from Atlantic City, NJ, arriving at 3:44PM. The accident flight was filed IFR, with KACY as its destination.20140531.. KBED crashsite, APRT diagThe flight attempted to takeoff from Runway 11 (green arrow). Photos indicate the jet came to a stop in undeveloped terrain east of the departure end of Runway 11, in the vicinity of the Shawsheen River (circled area).

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