ANALYSIS: 2014-05-31.. Gulfstream IV-SP Crash on Takeoff, at KBED

20140531.. KBED crashsite satellite view

Here is the satellite image, showing the approximate final location of the aircraft. Weather at the time of the accident was not a factor: visibility ten miles, clear, calm winds, with temperatures in the mid-40’s.20140531.. KBED crash, fire pic from Twitter

Early news reports identified two of the seven who died, both from southern New Jersey. One was Lewis Katz, age 72, who had recently completed an acquisition to co-own the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. The other identified casualty was Anne Leeds, wife of Longport, New Jersey commissioner Jim Leeds.

Gulfstream GLF4 picThe Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft (GLF4) is commonly used for private/corporate flights on business and vacations. The GLF4 seats 14-19 and has a maximum takeoff weight around 74,000 pounds. With a maximum range just under 5,000 statute miles, this aircraft can fly nonstop from Chicago to central Europe, but is not quite enough to fly from California to Japan.

Hanscom Field is west of Boston, is operated by MassPort, and is the second busiest airport in Massachusetts. It serves primarily small GA aircraft and corporate jets.

UPDATE, 6/14/2014: — NTSB released their Preliminary Report, and John Croft at Aviation Week has posted a short summary. The NTSB investigation indicates the flight accelerated to 165 knots, callouts were made up to ‘V-rotate’, and cockpit comments at that point suggest the flight controls were not responding as expected. Evidence shows that brakes and thrust-reversers were applied in the final 2,300 feet (approx.) of the runway. NTSB also reported there was no indication that the crew had done a pre-flight check to ensure key control surfaces such as the elevator were responsive to control inputs.